Electric Universe Conference to Kick Off January 6 in Las Vegas

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Please join us

in a three-day journey through the Electric Universe. Explore with us the unified underpinnings of the natural world.

Witness how horizons expand through interdisciplinary collaboration and synthesis. Discover electric patterns repeating themselves at all scales, from the tiny world of the atom to the far reaches of space. Consider as well the electricity of life and the role of frequencies and resonance in biological systems. See how electricity helped researchers penetrate the great mysteries of the past, the origins of mythic archetypes and symbols, and the roots of cultural anxiety.

We have chosen as our symbol for the conference the primordial cosmic thunderbolt: Sanskrit [vajra], Tibetan [dorje], and Japanese [kongō]. We did so because, as a matter of record, it is this enigmatic “weapon of the gods” that bridges ancient worlds and the leading edge of plasma science.

Join Wallace Thornhill, Donald Scott, David Talbott and a full complement of Thunderbolts Project speakers in launching a new year of the Electric Universe—an unprecedented event that you will not want to miss.

• Listen to Dave Talbott’s interview with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations RED ICE RADIO – 69:19

• Listen to Dave Talbott’s interview with Liam Scheff on the Robert Scott Bell Show MP3 – 17:12

• Listen to Wal Thornhill’s interview with Liam Scheff on the Robert Scott Bell Show MP3 – 13:17

• Watch David Talbott’s preview of the EU2012 Conference on YouTube – 3:11