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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Join Hellboy Camp

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Official B.P.R.D. Training Camp (AKA, Hellboy Camp)

Edgy Camp This camp is part of Trackers's Edgy Camp Curriculum where we explore challenging and complex concepts and understandings, all with a focus on fun and adventure. Please weigh well if this program is a good fit for your family. We also offer more mainstream programs.

Join the B.P.R.D! The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense needs your help to defend humanity against various occult horrors and paranormal threats.

Recruitment and Training

Find out if you have what it takes to join an elite team of paranormal investigators combating the forces of darkness from all across the globe. We immerse you in tactical training of all forms, including survival skills in any environment (both earthly and non), martial arts and self-defense specific to praeternatural entities, hand to hand weaponry (we train foam swords, bows and more) and forensic investigation. All these key skills that every agent must have, plus you are steeped in the history of our Bureau and legacy of paranormal research.

Call to Action

Recruits get actual field time during the entire camp. Learning is hands-on with essential survival skills such as shelter building, stealth and tactical and martial arts training.

Younger Recruits

Ages 9-10 Younger recruits train survival and field skills in local greenspaces. They also spend their day investigating the haunted history of our city, piecing together the larger mystery revolving around the legend of Adolph Aschoff.

Older Recruits

Ages 11-13 & 14-17 Older recruits have the option of urban survival training and joining us at Camp Trackers near Sandy, Oregon. Level Alpha includes a Wednesday to Friday overnight option for ages 11-13 and ages 14-17. Level Delta includes a Monday to Friday full overnight option for ages 14-17.

At Camp Trackers we investigate reports of dark figures and strange happenings at the remnants of the old defunct town of Marmot. Here they search for legendary and lost pioneer cemetery (true story) to ask local spectres and spirits about the town's history and the legend of Adolph Aschoff, the man who is said to have sealed away an ancient evil upon the founding of the town.

Level Alpha Wednesday-Friday Overnight Option Older recruits ages 11-17 can register for a two-night stay at Camp Trackers, our outdoor wilderness site in Sandy, Oregon. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on many of the skills we are training.

Level Delta Full Overnight Option Ages 14-17 have the option of joining a training group at Camp Trackers for a full Monday to Friday overnight, our outdoor wilderness site in Sandy, Oregon. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on many of the skills we are training.

Not in Portland?

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