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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'Amy' and the monsters

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As reported over on Kotaku, Cuisset’s team over at VectorCell Studios are currently working on the download-only title, which follows a girl named Lana as she tries to survive in a near-future world where global warming has wreaked havoc in her home town of Silver City.  On top of that, a comet has turned the local populace into a horde of slavering ghouls, leaving Lana to fend off both their attacks as well as the virus that infects her system.  Her only hope is a little girl named Amy, whose powers help keep Lana’s virus in check. 

However, by keeping the virus in check, Lana also develops superpowers of her own.
The game promises advanced AI, where the monsters will do everything from hunt in packs to track your character based off of their virtual smell and heat signature.  In order to defend themselves from these advanced monsters, the two girls will have to team up to solve puzzles and escape from the ravenous creatures.

Amy will be available for download exclusively from Playstation Network in Q2 2011.

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