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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Macabre: 'Grim Scary Tales' CD Review

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Chicago-based “Murder Metal” trio Macabre have been bringing the blood for over a quarter-century now, and in that time they've managed to mix up a signature blend of insanely violent themes – almost always focusing on the exploits of notorious real-life killers – to play out on a rock-solid stage of grind/death metal. The band's original lineup is still together after all these years, and they've marked this career milestone with their most ambitious project of all: a concept album about mass murder throughout human history, from ancient Rome to the early 20th century. We took a listen to this sonic apocalypse, and our brains are still boiling... but that won't stop us from giving you the full breakdown on the carnage within the tracks of Grim Scary Tales, Macabre's first studio release in eight years.

Read the review at FEARnet

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