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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chang Du, the monstrous chin man

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Chang Du's enormous chin
Chang Du (47) from Henan

Chang Du is poor and afflicted by his swollen chin. The destitute man has virtually no chance of receiving medical care.

Chang Du lives in a village near the town Luoyang in Henan province.

The 47-year-old clearly suffers from a very rare illness. His chin has swollen to such a size that he can hardly close his mouth. Eating and drinking are torture.

He could hardly bring himself to leave his house during the last five years out of fear that he might frighten people.

Chang Du said that he first noticed a small bump on his chin.

But it quickly became more serious: “I went to a herb doctor to have some medicine prescribed. My chin began to swell up a few days after I took the medicine.”

The Chinese man rubbed the growth in desperation, but it continued to grow.

He can’t afford treatment.

The hospital in Luoyang has said that Chang Du needs a lower jaw replacement. But that would cost 50,000 yuan (around €5,300).

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