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Friday, April 25, 2014

Become Aquaman!

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French water sports champion Franky Zapata's Flyboard is basically a rotatable platform attached to a long hose and a hydrojet. It can lift the rider 30 feet out of the water while he or she pilots it with secondary, handheld jets.

Riders can even do backward somersaults with the Flyboard, as seen in the promo vid below. It looks a lot cooler than the JetLev R200 jet pack, which was part of a hilarious fail on live TV earlier this year.

The Flyboard's thrust comes out below the user's feet instead of a jet pack, so it's more like riding a skateboard. It connects to any personal watercraft (PWC; aka Jet Ski, a brand) with an engine of 100 hp or greater.

The Flyboard is priced at some $6,500, but that doesn't include the PWC, which can run to $10,000 or more. That's far less than the JetLev's $99,500 price tag.


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