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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chinese computer to talk wit the dead

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Rockport, Texas - With use of a special computer, researchers have achieved an astounding breakthrough in life-after-death research.

The computer, nicknamed Li Bai, was designed to pick up signals from those who have died, and record their messages from beyond the grave.

Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China say they have successfully intercepted several dozen messages from a man they call Subject 37.

The university researchers spent 13 years working with 37 terminally ill subjects, training them to operate a specially designed computer program using only the electrical impulses generated by their brain.

The program runs on a highly sensitive computerized machine which responds to the slightest changes in electro-magnetic fields. The machine was designed to connect with the patients thought waves and convert them to text messages.

Thirty-six subjects passed on without a successful contact. But two months ago Subject 37 succeeded, and spoke to the scientists from the after-life.

To date, much of the communication with the deceased man has concerned the amount of energy he must expend, and probing the techniques he uses to send signals to the machine in the university research lab.

He said he was unable to signal them for several weeks after his death, but finally changed his method of transmitting signals - which involves a process similar to mental telepathy - and made contact at last.

The university will not discuss who Subject 37 is, saying only that he was a physician who died at the age of 68.

In his after-life messages he verified his identity by means of an assigned code name, known only to the researchers and himself. He also signaled pre-arranged answers to a series of questions correctly.

Scientists say the messages are allowing them to construct the first ever verified description of life-after-death, saying apparently death is a pleasant process leading to an existence in which all sensations of pain, anxiety and sadness ceases to be.

Subject 37 has indicated that, although he left a wife and children behind, he is with his family constantly, as though he were alive.

Researchers have faithfully recorded Subject 37’s messages and plans are to publish them.

The messages continue to arrive, although the dead man has indicated he plans to stop the communications eventually.

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