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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Evolution and Creationism Combined Into a Coherent Model

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Illustration: Tom Weller


The Evolutionist Model holds that man descended from apes, but it doesn’t explain "the tremendous expansion of intellect and other intangibles that characterize humanity." The Creationist Model explains human intelligence as being bestowed by God, but a major weakness in that model fails to account for the origin of Adam and Eve’s daughters-in-law.

So, in effort to bridge the gap between Evolution and Creationism, Tom Weller describes a compromise theory of sorts in his 1986 Hugo Award-winning book Science Made Stupid: Behold the new synthesis of Evolution/Creationism that not only lead to the resolution of major problems in the original models, but also "meet the statutory and regulatory requirements of all U.S. state, county, and municipal school boards and districts for works dealign with the origins of man and is warranted to be suitable for use as a teaching tool …"



Read more about Tom Weller’s Science Made Stupid here: Link

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