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Friday, April 25, 2014

Increasing Number of Recent Angel Sightings

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Angel sightings rank high among supernatural phenomena, and the heavenly angel in hospital experience is just the latest - reported - meet up with angel wings. Whether it is a death angel, an angel from God, or a spirit being sent down from heaven, the increasing number of recent angel sightings is giving pause to believers and even skeptics.

Angel in Hospital Caught on Film

Colleen Banton is no stranger to prayer and the hope for angel wings. A regular at the bedside of her daughter, Ms. Banton has been hoping against reason for a miracle. The Charlotte Observer reports that the Banton family removed their daughter from the ventilator on November 1st with the understanding that the 14 year old might not make it home this year - or ever.

Still the child lingered on but did not get better. An oxygen mask was used, but once again the family prepared for the worst. After saying goodbye to their daughter, the decision was made to also remove the oxygen mask as well. It was on this day of November 5th that a nurse noticed a bright light appearing on the monitor and to Ms. Banton and family it was clear it had to be an angel in the hospital.

Needless to say, the angel in the hospital appears to have been a heavenly angel and the youngster had a miraculous recovery.

It's a Flash; it's a Light, but It Cannot Possibly Be an Angel

In a day and age when it is easier to believe in an intricate technology malfunction that somehow projects lights at certain angles -- or a case of mass hysteria where a group of people all have the same hallucination -- than in the appearance of a heavenly angel in a hospital, the detractors of the story are not far behind.

The foregoing not withstanding, angel sightings are on the rise. There is the photo of an angel at what should have been a deadly car crash, real angel sightings are discussed on forums, and websites discussing the intervention of angels are legion. Granted, frequently these photos and encounters are recalled and posted on sites that hock psychic readings and other goodies, but does this take away from their potential veracity?

In his writing entitled Has Secularism Emptied the World of Angels, Howard Worsley suggests that "many people will not actually own up to such experiences until they are sure that they are safe to do so;" after perusing the responses to angel postings on the 'Net, I can empathize with this attitude.

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