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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Strange Howling in West Virginia

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GOLDTOWN -- Is it a wolf, an owl or the second coming of the Mothman, no one knows for sure.

"I don't know. I don't have any idea so I don't whether to be worried or not," said Joyce Harrison.

"It doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard," said her husband James Harrison.

A loud screeching noise has been periodically heard in the mountains near Goldtown in Kanawha County.

"I called the sheriff's department and the secretary told me she thought it was a ghost ... but no one knows ... its one of those deals where one opinion gives into another one," said James.

The Harrison's used a microphone to record the sound and it sounds much like a wolf or coyote, but nearby neighbors say they have heard those noises before, and this certainly isn't it.

"This is pretty unique we heard coyotes and turkeys and foxes and all that type of thing but this is something we've never heard before," said Mark Harrison.

The family has made contact with the Division of Natural Resources and have been told it may be an owl or loon, but for now the mystery remains, buried deep in the woods.

Thanks to Eric Altman from the Pa. Bigfoot Society for the heads up!

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