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D.Battle, Ethereal Paranormal Classification
« on: December 15, 2013, 06:36:23 pm »
I saw the classification heading for this sight and was mildly impressed with the level of depth captured in classifying different strains of paranormal occurrence; but i felt this would be a good place to submit my personal system of classification that I've developed through my own research. My systems original goal is to as quickly and efficiently identify any type of paranormal occurrence (ethereal) so as to deal with it in the most appropriate manner possible. It goes like this;
Standard Types: through close examination of all legitimately reliable  recorded instances of paranormal occurrence, ethereal activity can be broken down into 3 main groups
HumanStem Paranormal: Any type of paranormal activity directly produced from humanity by any means. (including: Echoes, Wraiths, PK anomalies, and most basic hauntings)
       to this point i have completely identified all variations and characteristics of this group
SuperTerrestrial: Any type of paranormal activity that stems from sources that are not present on our perceived earth. (what most people call Demonics & Angelics) this category is currently awaiting in-depth research but has also been identified for the most part                                                (also this does not include UFO's i could care less about those)
NatureBase: Any type of paranormal activity that stems directly from this planet and all existing organisms separate from humanity. This heading is where my current research is focused but again; has been appropriately identified.

if enough people are interested i will post the more in-depth points of my research including the various sub categories within each of these classifications, and their specific types of activity manifestation. Enjoy the food!


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