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Toddville Mansion / Bill List
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Seabrook Texas: Toddville Mansion


From your Web Page: Seabrook - Toddville Road - the former Toddville Mansion, which has recently been torn down, the property turned into apartments or condos. Reports of a strange creature roaming the grounds, noises, feelings of being watched, shadowy figures.
Actually this mansion is was the List Mansion. The story of this place was well known to the people of Seabrook who lived their at the time. I  lived near the List Mansion for many years.
Several acres of land were bought by a Houston buisness owner in the late 70's early 80's right on Galveston Bay near the intersection of Toddville Rd. and East Meyer Rd. Bill List was his name and for the most part at first no-one knew who he was, only that their was a major construction project going up near the Bay.
Bill List owned a trailer manufacturing buisness and with the success of his business came great wealth. The mansion was a massive undertaking, built up on several feet of soil the three story brick structure dwarfed the modest homes surrounding the property.  The brick foundry where Bill was buying the bricks for his  mansion was unable to keep up production of  bricks for the mansion and bricks for other products so Bill just bought the brick foundry so all the bricks made could go into his construction project.
Month by month the mansion began to take shape. The stark brick structure was three stories tall, four if you count the massive garage on the ground level. All the windows on every floor featured wrought iron bars. It was divided into two separate sections with a large glassed in garden and pool. Catwalks on the second floor crossed from the front of the house to the back part. the rooms were arranged into separate apartments with kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.  The entire property was surrounded by a brick wall from Toddville Rd., the List Mansion (as it was called) resembled a prison which was not far from true.
When construction was completed, Me and some friends were in the Kroger parking lot in Seabrook when two guys a little older than us invited us to a "big party to celebrate the opening of the List Mansion". we talked to them for a few minuets and they left. We did not go to the party.
For years after that you rarely saw anyone coming or going from the mansion, even though several families could live there at the same time and never see each other. The Guys we saw at Krogers that day never showed up anywhere in town. Then one day Bill List was dead, Murdered and the whole story came out  in the Daily Citizen, the  Bay Area News Paper.
The list Mansion was built like a prison, not to keep people out but to keep people in. As it turns out Bill List had a preference for younger men and would cruse the alleyways and parts of Houston where runaways would frequent. He would offer them a place to stay and drugs in return for his indulgences for the young men.
Bill would keep them drugged and locked in the mansion, providing every thing for them but freedom. Some would stay and others would eventually be let go but it was the final group of guys who figured it all out. They decided that Bill List must die, so one day they got a hold of a shotgun and waited for Bill to come home from work. Bill never made it up the stairs from the garage before he was shot and killed. The guys who killed him ransacked the mansion, stole Bills credit cards and car and left. Some were picked up on their way to Canada others were caught in  the Houston area.
For years after the death of Bill List, the mansion was up for sale and yet no-one would buy it. Care takers were brought in to maintain the property and eventually a bunch of people who had a rock and roll band rented it for awhile. I moved from Seabrook in the early '90's,  Eventually, the list mansion was bought by a real estate land develper and he tore down the List mansion. In it's place was built stucco condos with clay tile roofs. There is nothing left of the list mansion except the sorted stories of the long time residents of Seabrook.
These are my memmories of the List  Mansion.


This was from a repy to South Jersey Ghost Research....

I lived maybe... 3 miles from this property for most of my life...
I have been thinking about doing a post in ghostly encounters
about this place.
I still might,
but here is the history in any event of just one
of human atrocities known in the Gulf Coast, TX.

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