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There has been so much debate about this one movie on who won KingKong or Godzilla. This debate has been going on for decades but I will tell you who won and who didnt and how this movie came to be made in the first place. The story gets it start here in the USA back in 1933 after Kingkong was made and it became an international success Willis O brien wanted to make a 2nd movie with Kingkong. O brien thought of a Kingkong vs. Frankenstien movie seen that Kong and Frankenstien were the 2 most famous monsters of the 1930s it made sense. O Brien pitched his idea but he was unsuccessful in his efferts on getting people intersted.
Decades later some time after Godzilla Raids again was made 1955 by Toho studios in Japan Toho was thinking about a 3rd Godzilla movie. Toho made a few more giant monster movies in the 50s then started to think whoGodzilla could fight in a 3rd movie. The idea of a giant hairy monster came up. This monster would be god like and electricity would make this hairy monster even stronger. The monsters name was the Ginko and it was almost as big as Godzilla himself. Just one problem there was not enough money to fund the movie. Toho executives went to America to see if they could get backing for their new movie idea. A meeting had been set up at Universal and one executive at Universal rememberd Willis O Briens KingKong vs. Frankenstien idea. The executive said he would help fund the movie if the Ginkos name was changed to KingKong. Toho agreed and Toho made Kingkong vs. Godzilla. The Ginko was 45 meters tall but now it was renamed Kingkong. The script was changed to explain that it was electricity that made KingKong big and powerful. The original storyline for the movie has Godzilla killing kingKong at the end of the movie. Godzilla pushes Kong off a cliff then godzilla blasts Kingkong to death with his atomic ray. This scene was filmed but the scene was reshot as Universal studios thought the idea of an American monster being killed by a Japanese monster might not go well with American audences. Therefore the ending of Kingkong vs. Godzilla was reshot having both monsters fall off the cliff then have kingKong swim away and godzilla return to the sea and have him roar at the end. The movie ends in a tie.
There is a japanese movie reffrnce book that has a picture of the Godzilla killingkingKong death scene the book is titled Godzilla 2nd it is a hardbound book the book was written by Osamu Kishikawa and the picture is on page 16. The question remains who really won between Godzilla and KingKong? Well Toho studios went along and changed the ending of Kingkong vs. Godzilla on the condition that if any future Godzilla movies are made they will get released in the USA. That was the deal and even though Universal delted Godzillas roar at the end of the movie making it seem like Kong won the fight. It is Godzilla who had all his movies released here in the USA. After Kingkong vs. Godzilla there was Kingkong Escapes 1967 then DinoDeLaurentis made KingKong 76 and a sequel in 86. There are only 7 Kingkong movies compare that to Godzilla who has 28 movies. If you want to know who really won I would say Godzilla.  KingKong vs. Godzilla was made in 1962 the same year Willis O brien died his dream of another Kingkong movie had indeed come true.
Oddly enough Toho movie studios made a movie about a giant Frankenstien monster in 1965 titled Frankenstien Conquers the world. Last year Godzilla got a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame he is the only movie monster to get a Star. And now you know THE WHOLE STORY. David Nunez Gojira11354

i herd in the american version they made king kong win

Hi Sybon you are correct when KingKong vs. Godzilla was made in 1962 the movie ended in a tie with KingKong swimming away and Godzilla returning to the sea and roaring at the movies end. When the movie came to the USA in 1963 Godzillas roar was deleted from the movie so you could not hear his roar at the end of the movie. This gave the impression to movie goers here in the USA that KingKong won. I have seen the original uncut Japanese version of Kingkong vs. Godzilla and the movie has a tie ending Kingkong does not beat Godzilla nor does Godzilla  defeat Kingkong. The major diffrences in both versions are that American actor Michael Keith plays the part of news reporter Eric Carter and the role of Dr.Arnold Johnson is played by Harry Holcombe. John Beck directed the english version of KingKong vs. Godzilla meaning just the parts that have  Michael Keith and Harry Holcombe in them. Ishiro Honda directed the rest of the movie. The original Japanese title for Kingkong vs. Godzilla is KinguKongu Tai Gojira  which means Kingkong vs. Godzilla. The movie opened in Japan August 11th 1962 and opened in America June 3rd 1963. The original uncut movie is 98 minutes long while the USA version is 90 minutes. This movie was also the 1st Godzilla movie that was filmed in color both Godzilla 1954 & Godzilla Raids Again 1955 were filmed in B&W.  KingKong vs. Godzilla 1962 is the only Godzilla movie that made more money than Godzilla 1954 out of all the old Godzilla movies from the Showa series Kingkong vs. Godzilla made $11,200.000 while Godzilla in 1954 made $9,610,000.  David Nunez Gojira11354

Can't wait to see the new Peter Jackson King Kong!

That little pic is great. I wish I had one of Godzilla as well.
  I'd like to see a remake of these two monsters fighting each other. One that explians the size difference when they battle and those electro hands of Kongs.

Richard Vasseur
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