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Sunday, April 20, 2014



  • Howling Rayman Raving Rabbids cake

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: CultureOther games blogs may have recently sworn off games cakes, but here at Joystiq this still looks delicious. Then again, this blogger does have a soft spot for vanilla icing. We're not sure where the floating head of a Rayman Raving Ra...
  • Mii channel began as a DS project

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: Nintendo DS, Nintendo WiiTowards the end of GDC, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto revealed they had been toying with the concept of Mii creation for almost 20 years but were "never able to turn it into much of anything". It finally found a home on...
  • Within a Deep Forest creator Nifflas interviewed

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: Arcade, PC, Adventure, CasualTwo very small, unassuming freeware platform games have made a big splash in the indie gaming community: Within a Deep Forest and Knytt. Created with Multimedia Fusion, a game creation suite similar to Game Maker,...
  • A little more info about the Halo 3 beta

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: News, Interviews, Halo 3Game Informer sat down with Bungie's Community Lead Brian Jarrard to discuss the upcoming Halo 3 beta. When asked about how much actual Halo 3 content will be included in the beta, Jarrard confirmed there will be multi...
  • Rumor: Beautiful Katamari to hit Xbox 360, PS3, Wii this year

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360According to Orange Lounge Radio, Namco has announced to retailers that a new Katamari game will arrive on all three major consoles later this year. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Beautifu...
  • Today's spoilerest game video: God of War 2 ending

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: Sony PlayStation 2, Action, VideoIf you're the sort who reads the last page of a book before its beginning, bask in the various recordings of the God of War 2 ending that have found their way to YouTube. We picked the extra-long seven-minute ...
  • Rumorang: NiGHTS returning on the Wii -- Part 2

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: Nintendo WiiWe are reporting on this because we continue to get tips on it, but we emphasize that next month is April and this could all be one giant hoax. GoNintendo reports April's issue of Official Nintendo Magazine says, "Step back in tim...
  • Consoul shows more bizarre European PS3 marketing

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: Culture, Sony PlayStation 3, BusinessWe've given up trying to explain Sony's marketing plan. Yup, totally given up. Because the only thing more bizarre then the American commercials have been the European ones, and the subsequent marketing th...
  • Game name stereotypes

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: CultureThe staff over at CMP Media had the gauntlet thrown down by Game Developer Magazine's Editor Jill Duffy to come up with the most stereotypical video game name. They touched their brains in the soft spots and came up with: Quaterni...
  • Lowenstein's 'final' interview: Game reviews influence industry

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: CultureDoug Lowenstein, former president of the Electronic Software Association, left the industry and gave one "final" interview to GameDaily clarifying some former statements and the future of the industry. The four-page interview was condu...
  • PS3 game releases for the week of March 19th

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: News Oh yeah! New releases are really picking up now. Lots of great titles to add to your collection this week. And, what's a collection without The Godfather? I'll be checking out The Don's Edition. And I'm looking forward to a side-by-side ...
  • Bungie adds vehicular AI into Halo 3

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: News, Halo 3Remember in Halo 2 when you proudly drove around in your spiffy warthog with an AI controlled gunner manning the turret only to be annoyed by him, because he was shooting at a tree and not the five ghost riding Elites in front of ...
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day fellow fanboys

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: Fan stuffToday, St. Patrick's Day, is the one day where we mourn a great man by the name of Saint Patrick by drinking a whole bunch of green beverages. With alcoholic (or not so alcoholic) drinks in hand, we gather with friends and family to ...
  • Oblivion's new achievements from Shivering Isles

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: News, Elder Scrolls IV: posted the achievements to Oblivion's newly hatched first born Shivering Isles. And if you're keen to remember, Oblivion will be the first game to go over the 1000 Gamerscore limit with ...
  • New Ferrari game speeding onto PS3

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: NewsYou know what the PS3 really needs? Another racing game! If F1, MotorStorm, Need for Speed, Gran Turismo HD, Ridge Racer, Full Auto and the rest aren't enough to satisfy your unhealthy addiction to competitive racing, then we've got good ...
  • Ratchet and Clank: a trailer just for you!

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: Previews, Downloads Well, hey, it's time for another excellent video for your enjoyment (sadly, this one doesn't come with an optional demo for you to download). This time, we're presenting to you the Ratchet and Clank promotion...
  • "Arriving at Night" by Victor Bermon

    Monstrous Music
    The debut album, Arriving at Night, from Australian Victor Bermon might find its closest counterpart in the melodic folktronica of Four Tet, circa Rounds. It, too, is composed of warm organic sounds—but where Four Tet's instrumentals are lush, Bermo...
  • No custom game types in Shadowrun

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: NewsIn an interview with GameSpot, FASA's Bill Fulton revealed that Shadowrun will not support custom game types for multiplayer. In other words, players will only be able to play the three specific game types that ship with Shadowrun when it...
  • Joystiq plays Eternal Sonata, new screens

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: NewsJoystiq got a chance to sit down and get some play time with the upcoming Eternal Sonata, known as Trusty Bell in Japan. We've been intrigued by the title's quirky premise (Chopin and his magical, musical friends go on a whirlwind adventu...
  • Symphony of the Night whips XBLA next week

    Monstrous Games
    Filed under: News Wow. We never thought we'd say this, but Xbox Live Arcade is on a roll. Two weeks ago, we got Alien Hominid, last week was Worms, and TMNT dropped this week. That's three decent titles in a row. How in heaven could Microsoft keep this up...
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