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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Most Horrible Diseases

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Rough Leg Syndrome

A 23-year-old lady, Wan Cheng, who lives in Jiangsu in Xuzhou, has suffered great pain with this strange disease since she was 7 years old. As the time goes, her legs have gradually grown in size. Her left leg has grown as much as 2.1-foot in thickness.

Variant Skin Syndrome

A girl has suffered with a rare “variant syndrome” skin disease with great pain. Half of her body appeared as charred skin.

Giant Head Syndrome

He has paralyzed at the age of ten since the day he fell off accidentally while playing. Thereafter, his head becomes bigger and bigger day by day. This giant head disease has brought nightmare to his life as he is no longer playing outside like other children. Since contracting this disease, his physical growth has been disturbed and he even has to be bedridden like some other chronic patients.

Collapsed Face Syndrome

This 26-year-old man who suffered a syndrome of collapsed face is found living in a village in Anhui Province. According to him, he was suffering from this strange disease 20 years ago. This disease has damaged his facial appearance and cruelly causing him a deformity look that may fear of other people to talk to him. As he is a poor farmer who is lack of financial support, he is unable to bear the medical treatment cost at the hospital and thus he has to leave the fate to decide his life.


A 19-year-old boy, Ah Meng, has his forehead and scalp muscle cells bulging out as if an alien. One can see an extremely deep track on his head, although there are some visible hairs covered around it. His hands are as big as palms of gorillas, and as rough as the skins of elephants; his fingers are as huge as a bloom handle. Doctors diagnosed him to have a disease of Pachydermoperiostosis. His forehead is particularly severely conquered by this rarely seen disease ever encountered in human history.

Premature Aging Syndrome

A 12-year-old girl, Yang Yang, has been suffering from this disease for a long time. This syndrome accelerates her body aging process and leaves her with old woman appearance. Though she is still young at an age of 12, her organs are function as slow as elderly people aged 50 to 60.

Big Stomach Syndrome

This 6-year-old girl, who came from Sichuan Province, prefers to hide her head down the stool in order to relieve the swelling of the stomach pain. Her stomach has grown as big as a washing basin weighting half of her body weight. At such a young age, she had endured the torture of such horrible disease for nearly four years.


This 21-year-old girl suffered from this disease 4 months ago with her eyes suddenly went blind. She has an abnormal bulging of both eyes with patches in redness around them. She said her eyes gave her feeling as though they are going to drop off from the eye sockets. Since she was diagnosed for this disease, her skin near the eyes peeling off very often and that she described this deadly disease has put her in a hell.

Half Face Syndrome

At the age of 22, an age full of colorful life for most of the people, however, Min Xiao has to strive hardly and painfully with this disease. She never imagined she could have this bitter life. 17 years ago, she had a strange disease that caused her with a half face appearance. She is always living in fear and pain as people tease on her ugliest look.

Chronic Skin Syndrome

His face, back and feet are terribly covered with lump-like substances. A smelly and sticky liquid flows out from this lump, making people fear to walk near him. He has been teased for an alien in accordance to her deformed appearance.



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