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Sunday, April 20, 2014

What Is The Hat Man?

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What is the Hat Man? This has been a question that I have asked myself for the last nearly two decades. Ever since the time I saw the dark shadow man with a long cape and a wide brimmed hat standing in the dark doorway of my great-grandmother’s hallway, I have wondered in the back of my mind as to what he (or it) could be? Is he a ghost? Is he a demon? Is he some kind of interdimensional being? Is he an alien? Is he Satan himself?

As I stated in the section on this web site devoted to my story, I first saw the Hat Man when I was 14. Since that time I had not given a lot of thought as to what I had seen that night. I simply relegated it to being a figment of my imagination—a curious dream as I laid there in bed drifting in and out of sleep. This was what I believed and this is what I told others…until the day I learned that my story was not the only one out there.

In 2007 I was listening one evening to a radio program and on the show there was someone talking about a phenomenon known as the “shadow people”. They described these shadow beings as being like shadows only darker. They stated that they would often appear in people’s rooms at night and just stand there—staring at them while the person being stared at would feel a sense of fear and dread. They noted how the shadow beings were all similar in appearance—some would be large and some would be small, some had what appeared to be reddish eyes and some were just faceless. They even mentioned that some shadow being appeared in other forms like cats and spiders and indiscriminate shapeless dark blobs on the ceiling, etc.

None of these descriptions really struck a nerve with me or even reminded me about my own experience until the person mentioned a phenomenon that she said was very strange—a particular shadow being that seemed to show up all over the world. As she went on to describe this being, I felt chills go down my spine as the hair on my arms stood straight up. I immediately remembered my experience and worse yet—relived the sense of dread and fear. She mentioned that the being that shows up most often is that of a dark shadowy figure of a man with what looks like a long cape and large wide brimmed hat. She descriptively called the being: The Hat Man.

Immediately at that moment I knew I was faced with a new reality—a fork in the road if you will. In order for me to cope with what had happened to me, I had to find some way to make sense of all this. The first thing I did in my research was scour the Internet for as much information as I could find on this “Hat Man.” I was shocked by at least a couple of things, one being the fact that there was not that much out there about the Hat Man (meaning nobody knew what he or it was) and two, the sheer number of people who have had this exact same experience (there are literally thousands).

Since there was nothing out there that adequately addressed the issue at hand, I decided to take it upon myself to begin a research project on this phenomenon. My research into Shadow People and the Hat Man in general began in late 2007. Immediately as I began my research I knew that there needed to be a place for people to share their stories—a central location where encounters and eye witness accounts of the Hat Man could be catalogued, researched, and analyzed. So in early 2008 I launched The Hat Man Project, an online medium through which people could connect and share their stories of the Hat Man experience.

After reading over hundreds of stories and speaking with numerous individuals about the Hat Man, I have begun to draw some preliminary conclusions as to what The Hat Man is and what his purpose is in observing those he appears to.

Copyright: The Hat Man Project

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