A Rite of the Werewolf

The going forth to the Infernal Sabbat

Once the sorcerer has undertaken the self-initiation ritual entitled, “A Ritual of Lycanthropy” in both parts, and he has visualized perfectly his werewolf shadow, or that similar beast of sorcerer, he has entered into the pact of the Devil, the black man of the Sabbat. It is the passing of that rite of initiation that will prepare the witch to travel forth to the Infernal Sabbat, symbolized as the Persian Arezura, the place in the North, the Gates of Hell. Let the practitioner be perfectly still in focus and Will, that nothing shall break his or her concentration of that task which draws the Ka (the astral or Body of Light) further into darkness.

As with the legend of Pierre Bourgot and Michel Verdung the initiate shall have one who shall be as the Lord of the Forest. In the legend aforementioned, Pierre Bourgot had lost his sheep in the forest around the year of 1521, becoming distressed when unable to find them. Three Black Riders approached him, the third saying “Whither away, you seem to be in trouble?”, the rider then told the boy not to worry that his master may take care of him and his flock, saving them from the attack of wolves.  His name was revealed as Moyset, he initiated Pierre by the young man renouncing Christianity, kissing Moyset’s Left Hand (which was black and as cold as a corpse) and giving an oath to His Lord the Devil.

After a time Pierre went back into the service of his community and was reinitiated by a man named Michel Verdung. Verdung took Pierre to a Sabbat Ritual, where they met in the woods near Chastel Charnon. Each danced about with a green candle with a blue flame, and then smeared a salve on Pierre which transformed him into a wolf. It was later that Moyset returned and gave Pierre a salve which transformed him into a wolf.  Transvection is a powerful tool aided in astral or dreaming projection. Some witches have used ointments, made from nightshade and other herbs which produce a flying sensation. Potatoes that have been exposed to sunlight prior to any harvesting will grow on them a toxic alkaloid called Solanine. If such was ingested it could cause sickness, but also sensations of flying and hallucinations. Some could use fat and mix into an ointment which is smeared on the genital area or anus, which has a detailed amount of blood vessels. This would enter then the bloodstream.

In the book Demonomanie (1580) Bodin wrote that witches rode a broom stick or black ram to the Sabbat. As early as 1489 a writer called Molitor mentioned Wolves as a transport. In the Goetia, Amon is shown riding a wolf. In Molitor’s De Lamiis a woodcut shows a witch riding a wolf, not to mention other sorcerers sitting astride a forked stick. The Infernal Sabbat, being the Antinomian self-love rite of sexual and psyche oriented self-deification, allows the passing of the shadow of the witch into an Averse and more powerful state of being. Belladonna was used also in salves to produce flying, in large amounts can easily kill. Atropine is easily absorbed by the skin, which when mixed with fat enters into the bloodstream quickly.

Such ingredients no doubted caused such mental and astral journeys into the Sabbat both Celestial and Infernal. Such night flights may be caused by such psychotropic herbs. Toads, being linked to diabolism and witchcraft already and such were used often in potions. Also used in ointments were bats and their blood, mixed with deadly nightshades. For this reason, individuals should not experiment with such, noted that death could occur.

In specific, part of the Witches Sabbat practice of going forth by night is the illumination of the imagination; that when the subconscious is brought closer to the conscious. Those who are able, by herbs or meditation alone without the use of herbs, are ones who seek to know themselves. This process and act is not hidden by any one school, or so-called exclusive coven of witches or teachings. The answers, as Robert Cochrane has written, are in the wind. All one must do is heed the voice of inspiration, that spark of Sathan which illuminates our path of becoming.

Buddhists looks at existence as being central to the soul in itself. The Buddhist will sometimes move through a form of lycanthropy of different animals, sometimes falling into meditation, leaving the flesh and blood to later return from trance. The Sabbat, no matter what inspiration may create, does the same end. The Black Mass in specific has long held traditions of Lycanthropy and  From as early as Zoroastrian lore pertaining to Toads being the creatures of Ahriman. Often, the Black Man of the Sabbat holds the power of bestial transformation, will often give salves to new initiates. A demonologist, Pierre de Lancre (1612) mentioned a goat-like figure, wearing a chasuble who read from a book bound in wolf’s skin, which contained pages red, white and black. In ‘Commentarius de Praecipibus Divinationum Generibus’ (1560) by Casper Peucer wrote of a story from Latvia, of when werewolves take their forms to walk at night with the devil. The sorcerers are summoned to a conclave where all transform and go forth by night.

The writer Jean de Nyauld in ‘De la Lycanthropie and Metamorphosis’ and ‘Ecstasy and Witches’ makes reference to an ointment with the following ingredients: the fat of a child (take away Christian paranoia = animal fat), juice of water parsnip, soot and deadly nightshade. The unguent which was smeared on the inner thigh contained belladonna, this was said to create flying sensations. A document from the ‘Sloane Ms. British Museum’ and published in an older book presents a werewolf chant from which the sorcerer sheds the human form for that of a wolf. Such a chant may be used in dreaming chants before sleep if the witch so desires – lending to the dreaming flesh gathered by shadows. In the ancient lore of Persian Sorcery, with specifics to Zoroastrianism, Wolves were hated creatures which were said to be created by Ahriman. The term ‘Khrafstra’ is a general word for noxious beasts, attributed to the Druj or Demons of the Dragon Ahriman.

Such imagery is used in the work of The Black Order of the Dragon, a secret guild of witches and sorcerers who develop a Left Hand Path initiatory guild based on (among others) Persian Sorcery and so-called Black Magick centered around the dragons Ahriman and Tiamat, who is of Sumerian origin. The BOTD which is headed by a Triad of witches called ‘Coven Maleficia’ of The Order of Phosphorus have worked in Vampyric areas of Dreaming Sorcery for some years. In the BOTD the initiate Works through the symbolism of the transformation of the Vampyre to the Werewolf to the Dragon in a dreaming centered development of what could be called Luciferian Witchcraft.

The Ritual contained here is but one example of some of the initiatory focus of this so-called ‘Sethianic’ school. As a point of focus, the initiate who takes the flesh of the werewolf does so via the imagination. This would require a certain amount of privacy in which the witch would not be bothered by anyone else, to ensure a self-fascination and the visualized transformation to occur. The initiate would prepare his or her chamber accordingly, having a belt made of wolf skin or possibly even fake wolf fur. The point is that the imagination may be excited to allow this mental transformation to begin. You must visualize your chosen form, how it looks and different stages of transformation and how you may hold them in certain points of shape changing, for various purposes. You first begin your chant, holding it slowly and allowing the power of this atavism to take hold of the consciousness; slowing moving through your entire body and then allowing the flesh to change.

The face will contort and begin pulsating and stretching, the skin will turn an ashen gray, the eyes will turn a feral yellow, allowing a sharper sight. Your fingers will stretch and grow very long, the nails turning black and becoming talons. Your teeth will become razor sharp fangs, your throat issuing bestial growls and howls. As your limbs extend and grow, gray matted fur will grow all over your body, and slowly ears will grow pointed and the hearing will increase ten fold. As your senses are all alive, your face becomes an entangled snout, with your sense of smell becoming more and more intense. In a matter of moments your transformation into a great gray werewolf will be complete, you may walk to the woods or simply lay down to a meditative sleep – record your dreams and experiences with as much detail as you can upon waking.

A second level of lycanthropy is also the changing of various parts of the body according to your will and going forth in the dream or in a meditative state in the ritual chamber. Some will take different parts of animals and go forth in a dreaming state, awakening with detail experiences, and having the attributes of the animal parts they formed. Another more intense area of the transformative state is from human to man-wolf to a dragon form, which the snout grows sharper teeth, horns emerge from the head and much of the fur dissipates. The flesh changes from ashen gray to a dark black-green scaled form. This is the Ahrimanic Dragon form, a state of being in which the Witch has begun a self-transformative state into a deep communion with Ahriman and Tiamat – the Druj of darkness who by their isolation and individual beings, bring the gift of the black flame to those who seek to be like them. In such an instance, focus your journey to Arezura, or Hell (a secret meeting place of witches) and record your results upon waking. Notice the beings you meet and all that is revealed to you. The methods of using a bone or charm designated through ritual practice and meditative awakening shall be something of a wolf-skin which activates mental transformation.

A key to this is given in “The Black Mass” as reproduced in “The Toad Rite” which refers to the Lord’s Prayer Backwards to raise this gray shadow within. You may stand in the forest, in your bedchamber, anywhere which you may find the solitude needed for the Going Forth… As with the Averse calling of Cain, utilize the chants when you are inspired. In the Yatuk Dinoih (Second Edition) the Staota Wulalffa summons the visualized form of the Wolf to a shape you shall take by dreams.

Nema, Live morf reviled tub. Noitatpmet otni ton su
dael dna su tsniaga ssapsert that meht evigrof ew sa,
sessapsert ruo su evigrof dna. Daerd yliad ruo yad
siht su evig. Nevaeh ni ti sa htrae ni enod eb lliw yht.
Emoc modgnik yht. Eman

Under the gleam of the Moon, be it full or dark
I stand in the Crossroads of Cain
Under the Horns of the Adversary and Beast Lord
As the Gray Shadow which ensorcels my being
As with who drinks water from the prints of the Wolf
To he who has taken the Wolf belt of the Devil
By Satanadar I summon thee, By the Devil I become thee
I shall become the Werewolf, Man and Beast…
To go forth this night to Feast
None shall capture my gray form
By the Binding