Abduction scenarios

The sequence

Several scientists and psychologists have been been categorizing all the accounts and trying to find patterns in the testimonies.
Thomas Bullard has discovered a consistent structural order to events within abduction reports. There are eight types of events and they are preferentially ordered in this manner: 

No abduction has every event, but events avoid appearing out of this sequence. Abductees aren’t generally given a tour of the ship before examination or conference and so forth. The arrangement may be considered arbitrary from a rational standpoint.

However, the fidelity of reports to this arrangement seems to indicate these are real experiences. We would expect the elements of the story to get jumbled if they were subjective.

Most abductee’s reports will follow the same scenario:

1. Capture

2. Examination

3. Conference

4. Tour

5. Otherworldly journey

6. Theophany

7. Return

8. Aftermath