Abduction theories

Some of the major researchers who have studied the abduction field include Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Leo Sprinkle, John Mack, Philip Klass, John Spencer and Jenny Randles.

Dr. Thomas E. Bullard published a comparative analysis of nearly 300 alleged abductees in the 80s. Dr. John Edward Mack esteemed psychiatrist, author of over 150 scientific articles and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his biography of T. E. Lawrence claimed  in the Harvard University Gazette in 1992 to have investigated over 800 claimed abductees and eventually wrote two books on the subject.

The abduction phenomenon is classified as ‘paranormal’ because of the lack of physical evidence and various alternative explanations have been proposed, ranging from sharply skeptical appraisals, to uncritical acceptance of all abductee claims, to the demonological, to everything in between.

Jacques VallĂ©e and John Mack, among others, have suggested that the dichotomy ‘real’ versus ‘imaginary’ may be too simplistic; that a proper understanding of this complex phenomenon may require a reevaluation of our concept of the nature of reality.