Aliens cross-breeding

According to some scientists like David M. Jacobs, Director of the International Center for Abduction Research, aliens would abduct humans to cross-breed their DNA with ours and create an army of hybrid creatures that would slightly invade our planet. In The Threat, Jacobs expounds his view that a race of alien pod-people is about to take over the earth. For decades, he explains, extraterrestrial beings have been carrying out a sustained program of abductions, sperm collection, ova-harvesting, and alien-human cross-breeding.

The Offspring by Aryundomiel

 “At the heart of the reproductive agenda,” he writes, “is the Breeding Program,” using “extrauterine gestational units” that look like brown paper bags to impregnate menopausal women; “Mindscan” to create sexual arousal in unwilling victims; nasal implants to monitor negative thoughts, and “fetal extraction” to salvage the hybrid if its carrier thinks about abortion. Moreover, there’s nothing we can do; already “it may be too late” to stop the threat of “alien integration,” and the aliens could be coming very soon. “It is disturbing that the aliens and hybrids are primarily concerned with the Earth and not with human beings.” The implication is of a better world for the aliens, the hybrids and the abductees — but not the rest of the human race who are expendable, only some of who may be spared as a “small breeding population” for backup human genes.

Many abductees, he says, are being prepared for their future role, even trained to operate equipment. They recount being shown visions of mass destruction, environmental catastrophes, even the destruction of Earth itself. And the aliens suggest that they themselves can avert it, with the breeding program. After “the Change” there will again be peace and contentment brought by the aliens and their abductee helpers taking over the planet; truly a New World Order if ever there was one.

Preposterous as Jacobs’s theory sounds — and surely millennial social anxieties of intermarriage, immigration, artificial insemination and genetic engineering have something to do with his vision — he presents it with serious intent, and undoubtedly many readers will believe him, just as they headed for the hills when Orson Welles broadcast his “War of the Worlds.”