Anti-zombies weapons

By Jess Lee

The choice for the right weapon is not easy to make. It will depend first on your skills.

The best weapon is preparation; training with a weapon can make that weapon 100 times more effective.

We suggest that you practice using your weapons of choice as often as possible and seek professional training when possible.

  • Weight of the weapon will become an issue if you have to run away from zombies.
  • Be wary of weapons that rely on ammo or fuel.
  • Having a low noise profile will keep the chosen weapon from attracting nearby zombies.
  • The weapons need to be extremely durable so that they will remain effective through the duration of the epidemic.
  • The weapon must be able to serve you through hardship but if it gets broken or damaged, it should be easy to be repair.

Do not, under any circumstances, consider using a chainsaw to fight even a single zombie. They’re heavy, loud, create splatter that can infect you, and quickly become useless when run out of gas or batteries. Moreover, the killing power of the chainsaw is limited as it requires some effort on the part of the user to cut into a zombie’s neck or head.  

Mêlée weapons

Baseball bats, chainsaws, crowbars are favorite in movies and games but appear to be ineffective when faced with several zombies. Many zombie survivalists also promote or even recommend mêlée weapons over firearms.

They are heavy, slow and become less efficient for each killed zombie because of the energy they require. Moreover, mêlée weapons causes you to run the risk of exposing yourself to infection, either through a zombie bite or blood splatter, especially if you are tired or injured.


Include knives, swords, axes, spikes …, These weapons are great at slicing off limbs and piercing flesh.

Blades have no ammunition, but you need to have experience with one to use it effectively and it becomes more difficult with each added zombie. Proper training can lead effectiveness and energy efficiency. While a katana or a scimitar might be great to exhibit in front of pretty women during a zombie apocalypse, they’re about as useful as bare hands if you don’t know how to use them.

Be aware that a blade does not allow you to stay at a distance and you can easily be grabbed by a zombie, limiting your movement or your option of retreating.… The sword is one of the best weapons of all time and has a wide range of styles. Pick up the one you feel the more comfortable with.

 The Handgun

The handgun or pistol is a small compact handheld firearm. From the old six shot Ruger revolver to the quick customized full automatic Glock 9mm.

The handgun is light, easy to carry and a good short to mid-range weapon.

On the down side it usually has a small ammunition capacity and is not as accurate as the rifle.

Despite its flaws, the handgun does have a great deal of value as a backup weapon, as it makes an excellent fall-back option if you run out of ammunition for, lose, or otherwise can’t utilize your primary weapon for any reason (if you’re knocked down and become pinned under a zombie, for instance).

Advised model: 9mm Beretta 92 

The shotgun

The most famous zombie killer. The shotgun delivers a powerful short range blast of spreading pellets. One shot one dead.

The problem is that it is not very effective at much longer ranges, ammo capacity is limited and reload time is time consuming. Great for blowing zombie heads off at close range but not so in other situations. 


These weapons are all more effective at a long range. One of the biggest advantages of range weapons is that they are effective at a distance. The farther away from a zombie you are the safer you are. The biggest disadvantage is that ranged weapons have a limited ammunition supply.

The rifle is a larger, accurate, two handed gun designed to hit targets at long range. The rifle is the most dependable and accurate type of firearm. These weapons are good and picking off zombies from a distance and conserving ammo.

You would have to be a good marksman to use this weapon but with proper training, it is the king in long range zombie combat.

Types of rifles range form the mid-range quick action assault rifle to the extremely long range bolt action sniper rifle. 

  • Bolt-action rifles are rifles that load cartridges through manual operation of a bolt mechanism by the user. Famous examples include the Lee-Enfield, the Mauser, and the Winchester Model 70.
  • Lever-action rifles are rifles that load cartridges through manual operation of a lever near the trigger guard. Examples include the Winchester Model 1873 (the iconic “cowboy” rifle) and Model 1894, and the Marlin Model 336.
  • Semi-auto rifles automatically load cartridges whenever the trigger is pulled. The AR-15, the SKS, and the M1 Garand are just a few of the more famous semi-autos.
  • Assault rifles are selective-fire weapons that can fire in either semi-auto (see above), three-round burst, or full-auto modes. The AK-47, the M16, and every other rifle in use with the world’s militaries is an assault rifle  22-caliber rim-fire weapons are a good choice as ammunition is very light weight

Advised model: AK 47 

Machine guns

The machine gun unleashes rounds of ammunition very rapidly. Ranging from very large two man SAWs to compact short barrel sub machine guns, these guns rip and shred everything in their path. Very powerful but also very dependable.  Also it can be noisy and it is very hard to reload and aim.


These weapons can cause extreme fire and pressure damage often causing everything around it point of detonation to disintegrate or project with amazing force.

Explosives range from Molotov cocktails which simply ignites the area which it spreads to massive bombs which take out city blocks. These weapons are hard to use and can be dangerous if precautions are not taken.

They can be very effective against zombies but inexperience used can cause problems. Remember, fire will not immediately destroy zombies. It may take a half hour for the living dead to die from being lit on fire.