Aka : spector, disembodied spirit

Origin : first accounts dated back from Antiquity

Description : The visual appearance of any spirit, ghost, or unusual phenomenon that doesn’t necessarily take on the shape of a human form nor does it show signs of intelligence or personality. Usually they have a translucide human form that let appear the clothing of their period. They can also appear as incomplete, disfigured or headless. Most often, they show up and faint in a second.

Types: Ghosts can come in a variety of forms: children, men, women, animals and demonstrate various feeling. Some will pass without even noticing you, other remain hidden and seem just to focus on frightening you. Some will try to chase you out of their refuge, other will seek attention and even help or guidance.

Apparitions which are not considered as self-induced hallucinations (95% of the cases) are usually divided into 3 categories. These includes “crisis apparitions “ where the vision coincided with the death or endangerment of the person seen, “collective apparitions” where the same figure is seen simultaneously at the same point by two or more observers and lastly “haunts” where is seen in or neat the same place by a succession of independent witnesses.

Time :any time

Records : 100

Location :in older homes, hotels, theaters and cemeteries.

Theory : the spirits of the deceased that remain on Earth, visiting relative

Veracity factor : 8/10  – very few photographies of such apparitions, numerous collective sightings tend to proove that they really exist.

G. N. M. Tyrell provides us with a picture of the "perfect apparition." If the "perfect apparition" were standing next to a normal individual, we would find points of resemblance:

  1. Both figures would stand out in space and be equally solid
  2.  We could walk around the apparition and view it from any perspective as vividly as the normal individual.
  3. The two figures would appear the same in any sort of lighting conditions, whether good or bad.
  4. On approaching the apparition, one could hear it breathing and making other normal noises, such as the rustling of its clothes.
  5. The apparition would behave as if aware of our presence. It might even touch us, in which case it would feel like an ordinary human touch.
  6. The apparition could be seen reflected in a mirror just as a real person.
  7. The apparition might speak and even answer a question, but we would not be able to engage it in any long conversation. 
  8. If we closed our eyes, the apparition would disappear from view just as the ordinary person would. 
  9. The apparition would appear clothed and with other normal accessories such as a stick or a package, perhaps even accompanied by a dog. 
  10. Many times, when close to, or touched by, the apparition, we would feel an unusual sensation of coldness.
  11. If we tried to grab hold of the apparition, our hand would go through it without encountering any resistance. The apparition may disappear when cornered in this fashion.
  12. The apparition would generally not remain more than half an hour. It might vanish through the walls or floor. Or it might simply open the door and walk out.
  13. Apparitions differ in the extent to which they are able to actually effect physical objects, open doors, cast a shadow, be photographed. The "perfect apparition" cannot really cause any objectively measurable effects, although it may cause the subjective appearance of doing so.