Area 51

Also known as: Dreamland, Groom Lake, S-4, Papoose Lake, The Ranch, Watertown Strip, The Box, Red Square, The Farm, Dreamland, Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3.

Area 51 is a secret Air Force base secluded deep within a wide-ranging tract of restricted government land in the remote Nevada desert (37°14’36.52″N, 115°48’41.16″W), about two hours’ drive (90 miles) north-northwest of Las Vegas. Shrouded in mystery, Area 51 is one of the most secretive places on earth; so secret that it isn’t on any map and the US government denies its’ existence.

Area 51 is also the center of many UFO stories. Many individuals have reportedly seen craft leaving the base at night which are able to accelerate at amazing speed and make rapid changes in direction-far beyond any terrestrial technology. Others contend the military uses the base to study downed and captured alien craft, even aliens themselves, eventually using the alien technology in military projects.

Several witnesses of varying credibility claim to have directly seen or worked with alien spacecraft in this vicinity, and because the government won’t talk about the area or let reporters visit, these stories have never been resolved. Recently, an individual named Bob Lazar made a public statement confirming the existence of extra terrestrial craft at Area 51. Allegedly, Bob Lazar worked in an area called S-4 with a team whose job was to reverse-engineer an extra terrestrial ship. Unfortunately, Mr. Lazar was unable to produce any physical evidence to confirm his story.