Area 51

This area has also become a traditional pilgrimage for the many tourists in search of sensations. You can drive easily from Las Vegas to the Groom Lake surroundings.

The directions are the following:

 From Las Vegas take I-15 north for 22 miles.

  • At exit 64 take US-93 north.
  • After 85 miles, 12 miles past Alamo, you come to the intersection with Hwy. 318 on the left.
  • Directly across the road, to your right, you will see the ruins of an old casino. This is where some of the workers at Area 51 park to take the white bus into Area 51.
  • At the intersection turn left onto Hwy. 318
  • After less than a mile turn left again onto Hwy. 375. At that intersection you will see the  “Extraterrestrial Highway” signs.
  • From the beginning of Hwy. 375 it is about 15 miles to the beginning of Groom Lake Road, 20 miles to the Black Mailbox and 39 miles to Rachel.

The best view is to be found on the top of Tibakoo where there is an incredible 360-degree panorama view over the entire Tikaboo Valley, the Groom Mountain Range, the Pahranagat Range, Badger Mountain and the Pahranagat Valley; Area 51 is only 26 miles away over the Jumbled Hills. On a clear day you can easily spot the various hangars, and the two runways across the Groom dry lakebed.  Nevertheless, this requires a long and sometimes tenuous walk so make sure that the conditions are good and you have enough time.



 Area 51 is located in a desert area and shall not be visited without taking the elementary following precautions.

 Gas is only available in Las Vegas, Alamo, Ash Springs, Rachel and Tonopah. So make sure you have extra gas for at least 50 miles.

  1. The temperatures can range from -20 in winter to 110 in summer. In fall, daytime highs in the lower 80’s and nighttime lows in the upper 10’s are not uncommon.
  2. Please note that most of Hwy. 375 are open range. There are no fences, and cows frequently wander across the road so watch out not to damage both your car and the cattle especially at night.
  3. The road conditions are not always good so check the car and especially the tires and the cooling before living.
  4. Do not forget to bring a gallon of water, a map of the area, sunscreen sunglasses, layered clothing and hiking shoes to protect you from the sun and during the walk.
  5. There is no cell phone coverage in Tikaboo or Sand Spring Valley.
  6. Do not drive too close from Area 51 or you might be intercepted by the Security that patrols day and night in the surroundings (usually white jeep Cherokee).
  7. And do not forget to send us any interesting material you may collect together with a detailed trip report that we will publish on Monstrous !


More reports about Area 51 – Credit – Dreamland Resort