Crisis apparitions

Aka : Doppelgangers, wraith

Origin : Beliefs in astral projection and out-of-the body travels are present in every culture and for ages.

Description : The figure or the voice of a living person who is experiencing a crisis–such as an accident or a death–is seen or heard.

Time :anytime

Records : 10 000+

Location :anywhere


Typically, the ghosts appear only once to a special loved one who may be many miles away at the time of the accident.  This phenomenon can also manifest in the person hearing a voice of a friend or loved one with some message or warning while the person who is heard speaking is no where near and totally unaware that this has occurred. Most of these crisis apparitions occur at a moment of great crisis or death when a person is in some form of danger or pain. 

The person in crisis is not aware that they are doing this. It is explained and often agreed that these apparitions are the externalization of an unconsciously received telepathic impressions.  Other testimonies reveal projections of future events where the subject will attend a scene that will only happen in the future just as a dream.

In case of a confrontation with one’s own double, it is traditionally considered as an omen of bad luck or even death . Science links it with ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).


December 1943:  Mrs. Violet Almond was awakened by an apparition of her husband that floated above her for a few minutes.  She learned later that her husband, who was on a battlefield in North Africa, was being shelled heavily and was praying to God to save him so he could see his wife again at the exact time she was seeing his apparition in their bedroom.

1951 – Helen Crone saw an apparition of a close friend who was alive miles away.  The agitated apparition instructed her to go check on her baby.  When she did this she found her child had managed to open a drawer full of sharp knives and was about to play with them.

Probability: 9/10, the apparition can be self-induced through telepathy