Draconology or dracology is a pseudo science that refers to the study of dragons and related creatures. People who study dragons sometimes call themselves draconologists or dragonologists.

There are no evidences that there has ever been people lucky enough to be in close contact with dragons and survive. The present knowledge about dragons is mainly speculation and invention but we hope you will find in these pages some true facts.

According to Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons, a 2003 fiction book written by Dugald Steer, dragonology is mainly about summoning a dragon and learning the secrets of dragons, and being a Dragonologist is framed as a noble pursuit in conserving dragons. . Completing activities in the activity books will help the reader become a member of the S.A.S.D (the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists). The books offer up scientific explanations behind dragon mythology, as well as discussing the species of dragons which inspire this mythology.

The publisher’s note at the beginning of the original book reads:

This book purports to be the facsimile of an original published on a print run of 100 copies in 1895, of which a copy was recently found in a bookshop near the Seven Dials in London. Unfortunately, the publisher has been unable to ascertain whether a real Dr. Ernest Drake ever lived in St. Leonard’s Forest or wrote a book called Dragonology and so, with regret, is unable to make any claim as to the truth of this and must present this volume merely as an interesting curiosity.