Dracula Places

Bran Castle is an impressive medieval castle in perfect condition located in the village of Bran near the city of Brasov, in the southern range of the Carpathians. It is the most famous “Dracula” site and also the less authentic, having little connection with Vlad Tepes. For many years.

Bran Castle has been presented to tourists as “Dracula’s Castle”, the local autorities considering it was a most suited place than the remote ruins of Poenari, the real “Dracula’s castle”.

Today, it is the business center for the trading of Dracula souvenirs in Romania and a much visited place by Western and Romanian tourists. A dungeon-themed disco, catering to a mostly Romanian crowd and located in the basement of a former inn immediately adjacent to the Curtea Veche (“Old Court”) — onetime site of Vlad Ţepeş’s castle in Bucharest — calls itself by the English-language name “Impaler”.