Evidences about Chupacabra

The corpses of Chupacabra’s victims have been found with many small but regular pattern circular holes about 1/4″ – 1/2″ in diameter arranged in pairs of triangular fashion. These particular openings have been located in the neck, chest, belly, and anal areas, and appear to have been made with a surgeon’s scalpel.  There are also reports of certain organs missing from the victims, yet no visible means of extraction was found on the bodies. Reproductive, sexual organs, anus, eyes and other soft tissue have sometimes been removed.  

This picture has been around for some time and is probably faked

The wounds may be similar in appearance to bites inflicted by dogs or baboons due to them being round and small, but the similarity ends there. These wounds penetrate through the right jawbone, muscle and tissue, and straight into the brain, more specifically directly to the cerebellum, puncturing it and causing instant death to the animal. This reveals a type of euthanasia technique, for this method prevents the attacked animal from suffering.

When the wounds appear on the sides and belly of the victim, the penetration usually cuts through the stomach, down to the liver, apparently removing sections of the organ and absorbing liquid from it. The wall of the wound seems also to have been cauterized apparently to prevent excessive blood loss and no natural inflammatory processes have been observed in the dead animals tissues. Moreover there are no trauma, abrasions, scratches, bites or pressure observed by the examiners on the opposite side of the wound. In most cases the victims lack rigor mortis and remain flexible, days after their death. Incredibly in some incidents, the blood, which remained in the body, would not clot or coagulate for days following death.