Evil spirits

Aka : Demons, Devil, Faeries, Incubes, …

Origin : first accounts dated back from Antiquity. The New Testament acknowledges the existence of demons, the real spiritual beings that tempt, lie, deceive, and physically harm humans.

: These non human spirits are shape-shifters. In cases dealing with Ouija boards, black magic and satanic worship, they have been reported to disguise themselves as friendly and helpful human spirits. They can also appear as humans, animals or monsters (demons have usually two shapes : a monstrous and  a human one)

Time : any time

Records : 1000?

Famous cases : In 858, an evil spirit chucked heavy stones at a farmhouse, and it shook the walls with power. The Demon Drummer of Tedworth in 1661, the Wizard named Livingston in 1797, the Haunting of the Fox Sisters in 1848, the Borley Rectory incident of 1929, and the Enfield, Mackenzie, Entity, and other cases in the latter part of the 20th century, e.g., 1977, 1984, 2000s.

Location : tend to appear only when summoned or in the vicinity of a cursed place

Theory : They are non-human originated ghosts and have the capacity to harm and alter our physical world.

: 5/10  – very few proofs of their existence.