Feral children

Kamala and Amala

The two girls were supposedly discovered living with a family of wolves in a cave-like den in the base of a huge abandoned termite hill in India, 1920, by Reverend J.A.L Singh. The older girl, Kamala, was about seven or eight years old and the younger one, Amala, was about one and a half.

According to the Reverend, the girls were more ferocious than the wolfs they had been living with. Regardless, Singh took charge of the girls and brought them to his orphanage, where after a while he tried to get them to play with the other children, but without success.

They preferred the company of cats and dogs, behaving exactly like wild animals, sleeping during the day and awake by night, remaining on all-fours, and biting and attacking other children if provoked. Having an acute sense of sight, hearing and smell, the girls also had calloused knees and palms, sharp-edged teeth, enjoying raw meat, and on one occasion they killed, dismembered and devoured a chicken.

In 1921 both girls became ill with worms, diarrhea and dysentery, and Amala died. Kamala would not leave her sister’s body and had to be removed from the coffin. Kamala lived for another eight years in Singh’s orphanage where, with the help of Mrs. Singh, she learned some human mannerisms and developed a small vocabulary. In 1929 she became ill once again and died.