Werewolf Fiction Timeline


Last updated: 06 JUL 2005                 


Sources are listed in [Brackets]. Episode titles are in “Quotations”.                 
W    * Please note that WNU articles are written with the intent of rectifying various works of fiction into a coherent timeline. As such information is often distorted somewhat from the source materials, I have opted to list both versions when conflicts exist. My intent is for this timeline to be WNU-Friendly, but not WNU-Centric.  For more information on the World Newton Universe please visit Win Eckert’s site, AN EXPANSION OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER’S WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE. 

S  – Entries from Dennis Power’s SECRET HISTORY OF THE WNU primarily concern interpretations of Mr. Hyde and various superheroes modified to fit the WNU.                

M  – Entries from Chuck Loridan’s MONSTAAH timelines and articles. Much of this is adapted from Win Eckert and Dennis Power, placed in a context of recording all monster activity in the WNU.                

F  – Entries from Jean-Marc Lofficier’s FRENCH WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE timeline and articles, based on a wealth of French literature including Lofficier’s own impressive body of works.               
D  – Entries based on White Wolf’s WORLD OF DARKNESS materials.  At present, I do not distinguish between the old and new Wolrd of Darkness games, or between the games and the fiction inspired by them.

C  – Entries based on Cthulhu Mythos sources (Lovecraft, Howard, Derlith, etc.). Please note that not all Mythos scholars accept every Lovecraft pastiche tale; some materials noted as such may not be considered canon, especially when derived from ultimately non-mythos origins, such as Marvel or DC Comics.  Likewise, not every Mythos reference fits into the schema of the WNU, as interpreted by various creative mythographers.                
     * Also, a plethora of references may be taken from comic books and role-playing games, but I have chosen to use only those which I feel significant to the history of shapeshifters.  For timelines that deal specifically with any given source of fiction, I highly recommend Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were.         

350,000,000 BCE C  – A cataclysm raises numerous new land masses, such as Ponape and R’lyeh. The disaster also destroys several marine Elder Thing cities. Cthulhu and his kin arrive from the star Xoth, and settle on the newly-risen landmasses. The Elder Things war with Cthulhu, but they eventually make peace. Cthulhu is permitted to keep his current surface territories, and the Elder Things keep the rest of the planet. [AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, Lovecraft (as researched for the “Timeline of the Cthulhu Mythos” by Appel, expanded by James “JEB” Bowman)]    

1845 M – Death of Elizabeth Talbot.                
1846 – G.W.M. Reynolds publishes WAGNER THE WEHR-WOLF.                
1848 – The Moon turns blood red during an eclipse and sets off an epidemic of werewolf sightings.                
1850 c. – Josephine, a 13-year old servant in Paris, is raped by the false priest Father Pitamont.  She gives birth on December 24th to Bertrand Aymar Caillet, destined to become a werwolf. [The Werewolf of Paris, 1933, written by Guy Endore]                
 – Leon Carledos, product of a serving girl raped by an imprisoned beggar, becomes a werewolf at a Spanish dance hall, and is eventually slain by his adoptive father using a silver bullet forged from a crucifix. [The Curse of the Werewolf, 1961, based upon Guy Endore’s book “The Werewolf of Paris”] Bitmap                 
1855 D – Garou create the NYC central park caern. [World Of Darkness games by White Wolf]                 
1860 M – Bela Blasco is born to Dracula-Lejos, and Melava. Dracula’s plans are to make Bela, the leader of a pack of werewolves. When Bela reaches a certain age, he is given the Wolf’s head scepter. The rod is made of ordinary wood, but the head of the wolf is made of a mixture of Silver, melded with bits of the star stone. This scepter, is believed to give one control of lycanthropes, even at their most beast like state.                 
1867 M – Llanwelly, Wales. Lawrence Milo Talbot and his friend Albert La Forge Graduate “Summa Cum Laude” from the University of Paris. Lawrence Milo returns to Llanwely and opens a medical practice, but finds many of the villagers put more faith in superstition. One of the causes of the villagers fear is a gypsy named Vorcla, (who is really Dracula-Lejos son, Bela who plans on founding a town of werewolves by isolating Llanwely from the rest of England by terrorizing the town and nearby environs. Talbot exposes Vorcla’s plans. Vorcla (Bela) curses Talbot with lycanthropy. When Talbot and his fiancée, Ann (also called Lyana) and his friend Albert believe they have killed Vorcla, they reason that the curse is over. Lawrence and Ann soon marry. Bela flees Llanwely in haste, leaving the Wolf’s Head scepter behind. (Information derived mostly from agent Dells “THE WOLFMAN” file. Not to be confused with agents Siodmak and Dreadstone’s reports of the same title.)                 
 – Milo Zak and Albert la Forge both graduate from the University of Paris “Summa Cum Laude”.  Dr. Zak returns to Kavlec, the Balkan village he grew up in, and antagonizes Vorcla, a local werewolf extorting the villagers.  Vorcla kills Milo’s supporters and turns him into a werewolf.  Basha the Gypsy King, Gauna the Witch, and Dr. Albert la Forge rescue Milo and kill Vorcla. [Wolfman #1, 1963, Dell Publishing Company] Note that this version , as presented in the comic, is not the same as depicted above, which is the version commonly accepted in the WNU)                
1868 M – Transylvania: Bela returns to Castle Dracula in defeat and reports his Failure to his father. Dracula-Lejos is so enraged that he thrashes both Bela and Maleva. Bela tries to defend his mother and attacks Dracula. For this defiance Dracula curses Bela with uncontrollable lycanthropy. Bela is now one of those hapless souls that it had once been his birthright to rule. Maleva flees with her son and they rejoin the Gypsy tribe that Dracula had taken her from. Dracula-Lejos seems to take the attitude of good riddance.                
1870 S – Dido Utterson the illegitimate daughter of Edward Hyde and Alice Utterson is born.    

1871 S – Alice Utterson is placed under the care of Edward Jekyll for post partum depression compounded by guilt of her adulterous affair and the illegitimacy of her youngest daughter. Alice Utterson committed suicide.  Henry Jekyll was devastated. He blamed himself for her death. He wrote to his brother detailing his actions and seeking advice. His brother was not the most understanding sort, he disowned Henry and his sins and turned his back on the Jekyll name. Leonard Jekyll forwent the Jekyll name and reassumed his birth name of Harrison Lane.                
 D – Most of the Garou survive the Great fire of Chicago. During which Helena (winner) and Menele fought. [World Of Darkness games by White Wolf]                
 – Sergeant Bertrand Caillet wanders France and Europe seeking a means to silence the beast within. His lycanthropy finally leads to court-marshall during the Franco-Prussian War.  [The Werewolf of Paris, 1933, written by Guy Endore]                
1872 S – Henry Jekyll took a leave of absence from his duties to go on a sabbatical. He sought solace by escaping from his life and assumed a new identity, that of Samuel Parr. As Samuel Parr, Jekyll worked as a surgeon-general with the Queen’s army in Africa.                
1875 – Morgan Holt (a werewolf) is released from prison after spending several years behind bars in a mercy killing of his ailing father whom he hated for deserting the family. For the next five years he roamed among wolf packs refusing human contact, until he is wounded and recieves aid from members of French’s Fantastic family Circus. He performs as the Wolfman to help out. After a fire devastates the circus, Niall Munroe offers needed funding if the circus performs in Denver for an orphanage his wheelchair-bound sister Athena sponsors. Athena and Morgan fall in love as he shows her the hidden wolf inside her, but her sibling has other plans that exclude Morgan. [TO CATCH A WOLF, 2003 written by Susan Krinard]                
1876 D – Custer gets stomped by a pack of Wendigo garou at Little Big Horn. [World Of Darkness RPG by White Wolf]               
 1878 M – Birth of Sir John Talbot to Lawrence Milo and Anne Talbot. Soon after his son’s birth, Lawrence Milo Talbot’s lycanthropy returns. Unlike his namesake Grandson, who will be afflicted with the same curse, Talbot does not try to end his life. To protect his loved ones he hunts Vorcla (Bela) having heard he was still alive. When Talbot finds that Vorcla (Bela) was the son of Dracula he hunts the Lord of the Vampires as well. Talbot battles Dracula at some point, the details of which are unknown. It is confirmed however that Talbot traveled to the United States to seek a cure from his curse from a tribe of native Americans who were rumored to be Lycanthropes.                
 M – There was a Larry Talbot who was seen in very interesting company during a particular Lonesome October in England  but I have been unable to confirm at this point whether or not this Talbot was Lawrence Milo. [A Night In The Lonesome October, By Robert Zelazny] (note that the novel sports not only a werewolf who is likely Lawrence Milo Talbot, but also a werewolf who may have been Sherlock Holmes or a relative)                 
1879 S – January: As Samuel Parr, Jekyll was present at Isandhlwana. Some accounts state that he bolted at the first sign of the onslaught, other accounts state that he had already left the area and was well on his way to Roarke’s Drift  before the fighting began. What appears to have happened was that Parr/Jekyll did indeed depart prior to the fighting began but before the Zulu’s had arrived. His anxiety to leave was to avoid seeing one Danvers Carew.                
1881 S – Henry Jekyll’s affair with Sara Lanyon, his friend’s sixteen year old daughter. This union produces Edward Jekyll.                 
1883 S – October 1883 – March 1885 Events of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde               
1885 S – Events of the Jekyll Legacy by Robert Bloch and Andre Norton                
1887 S – Events of THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, by H.G. Wells.                
1888 D – The Wind Catcher Sept is established at the Fianna. [World Of Darkness RPG by White Wolf]                 
 – Queen Victoria gives direct orders for the extermination of therianthropes of all kinds in Britain and all it’s colonies, especially Tasmania. [Howling III–The Marsupials, 1987]               
To accommodate claims that Prince Albert, who passed away in 1864, was himself a werewolf (and that the Queen knew of this), it is proposed that Robert Cecil, son of the 2nd Marquis of Salisbury, pushed this edict as the Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister of England.  Because of political reliance on the Marquis’ support, Victoria endorced the Act. Thus, the Queen publically supported the ban on lycanthropes but privately supported the shapeshifters.                
1889 – President Harrison follows Victoria’s example and begins a program for the extermination of therianthropes in the United States.  [Howling III–The Marsupials, 1987]      

1890 – Mr. Talbot has taken the Werewolf Club in Uncle H. G. Talbot’s unreliable time-and-space machine to 1890 London — where it might be a tad difficult to buy the 212 double-A batteries they need for the machine to get them home.  While they’re figuring out what to do, the young werewolves meet a street urchin named Oliver Twit, help legendary detective Sherlock Holmes thwart the notorious Jack the Schlepper (possibly a theriomorph similar in manifestation to Edward Hyde) in his attempt to steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London, and discover that Queen Victoria’s late husband Albert was a werewolf. [THE WEREWOLF CLUB MEETS OLIVER TWIT, 2001, Daniel M Pinkwater; For a list of all of Pinkwater’s books in chronological order, visit the P-Zone]                 
1892 – Frontiersman surprises his new bride when he wolfs out. [Mad at the Moon, 1992]      

1894 – Wine merchant Charles “Merry” Merideth, his wife Bess and son Eugenie long dead, relates the sad tale of the 13th Duke of Darnley to Whitby, the 15th Duke of Darnley, at a pub in London. [Murcheston: The Wolf’s Tale, 2000, by David Holland]                
1895 – Janet Smith, the Daughter of Dr. Jekyll arrives in England and discovers her father’s old assistant in a werewolf. [The Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, 1957] Bitmap                
 W – Dr. John Coleridge, an American professor of folklore, leads a search for a werewolf in Hungary. [THE HOUSE OF THE WOLF, 1983, by Basil Copper] (researched by Win Eckert)                
1897 – Quentin Collins becomes the Collinsport werewolf. [Dark Shadows, 1968]                 
 W – Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson work with Daily Gazette reporter James McArdle on a strange case filed under ‘X’ for “unknown. [WOLFMAN OF DARTMOOR, 1999, by Kel Richards] (researched by Win Eckert)                
1898 – The Vatican-sponsored monster hunter called Gabriel Van Helsing fights Mr. Hyde in London at Queen Victoria’s Jubilee and defeats him in Paris atop the Notre Dame Cathedral. Afterwards, Van Halsing is led by the ghost of a psychic to Dr. Moreau’s sewer-based lair and encounters a number of his freakish experiments, including an invisible amphibian. [Van Helsing: The London Assignment, 2004; Van Helsing, 2004; Van Helsing: Beneath the Rue Morgue #1, 2004, DarkHorse Comics] (Please note that this date, 10 years after the date given in the movie, has been proposed by Rick Leigh to support the known activities of Mr. Hyde and Mr. Griffin, while still including a Jubilee celebration for Queen Victoria as being “one year ago”)                 
 S – Edward Hyde is forced to work with the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.  While so employed he does battle with Fu Manchu, Moriarty, the 1st Invisible Man (Griffin), and Martian Invaders. [League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol I, II, by Alan Moore]                
 – Gabriel Van Helsing and Friar Carl travel to Transylvania in October and fight werewolves and vampires with the aid of local gypsy Anna Valerious and an escaped Frankenstein’s Monster. They defeat Dracula and his minions when Van Helsing becomes a werewolf, but Anna dies from her injuries. [Van Helsing, 2004]                
1900Waldemar Daninsky, cursed with lycanthropy since birth, is killed by his pregnant wife Kinga. [El Retorno de Walpurgis, 1973]                
 – A Georgia man inherits his father’s land and his lycanthropy. [Wolfman–A Lycanthrope, 1979]                 
1900 M – Llanwelly. Sir John Talbot’s wife dies in childbirth with the child being stillborn.              
 W – Transylvania. Sir John’s father, Lawrence Milo Talbot, in werewolf form slays the wife and child of Dr. Anton Zarnak. Zarnak tracks Talbot down and slays him, and devotes his life thereafter to protecting humanity from such abominations. At this point we do not know if Talbot was permanently killed or is wandering around even today. (Zarnak’s WNU chronology has been worked out by Matthew Baugh)                
1902 M – Birth of John and Lawrence Stewart Talbot, twins to Sir John Talbot and Cleva Creihton Tull (Sir John’s mistress, an actress from California) in Llanwely, Wales.                 
1904 – Family man Arthur Lemming of Dwarves’ Bay, England is horrified to learn that he is a murderous werewolf (as are his wife Angela and daughter Miriam). He eventually has his mind and his lycanthropy transferred into the body of a living mummy. [Eerie, “Curse of the Werewolf” and “The Mummy Walks” serials] (as researched by Chris “the Norseman” N.)                                   
1905 S – Events of Son of Dr. Jekyll                 
 – An American Anthropologist named Beckmeyer films an aborigine tribe in Australia peforming a ceremonial slaying of a werewolf. [Howling III–The Marsupials, 1987]                 
1906 S – Edward Hyde is in New York City where he murders for thrill and also rapes for amusement. While there, He rapes Jada Grimm, who becomes pregnant.                
1907 S – Edward Hyde rapes Constance Brodie and Martha Walters at exclusive boarding house.                
 S – Daniel Grimm is born of the rape of Jada Grimm by Edward Hyde.                
1908 – Visiting Collinwood in 1908 with Barnabas is Dr. Henry Jeckyll [sic], son of the notorious English murderer. The beautiful Emily Collins is torn between Barnabas and Dr. Jeckyll but wonders if one is a violent killer.  The real murderer is killed by Collinsport’s werewolf, Quentin Collins. [DARK SHADOWS BOOK #27: BARNABAS, QUENTIN AND DR. JECKYLL’S SON, 1971, written by Dan Ross (as Marilyn Ross)]                 
   – On June 30, 1908, a huge explosion occurred in the sky above the central Siberian wilderness near the Tunguska River in Russia. The concussion from the blast, estimated at 20 megatons of TNT, leveled trees in an area nearly 40 miles in diameter. Oddly, the explosion produced no crater or other evidence of impact.                 
 – Lawrence “Larry” Talbot is born in Talbot Castle in Wales to John Talbot. The local village, and family castle, has a “gruesome past” involving werewolves. [The Wolfman, 1941]             S  – Brian and Francis Banner born to Constance Brodie Banner and John Banner.                
D  – Papal Office of the Inquisition renamed the Congregation of the Holy Office and forbidden to use force. Pope Pius X allows Order of Leopold to depart Church. [World Of Darkness games by White Wolf]                 
1909 S – Edward Hyde tangles with Tarzan and is apparently killed. Henry Jekyll flees to Australia and disappears from the face of the Earth. Purportedly resided in a series of parallel dimensions until 1949.                 
 S – Marvin Micawber, the scion of the Micawber family disappears from his family farm in Darling Australia about the same time as Henry Jekyll disappeared.                
1910 – Mistakingly believing werewolves to be extinct, the United States and Britain disband their werewolf-hunting programs. [Howling III–The Marsupials, 1987]                 
1911 S – Events of Dr. Jekyll- Sister Hyde                 
 F – Harry Dickson investigates “THE WEREWOLF OF RUTHERFORD GRANGE” (story in Tales of the Shadowmen Volume 1: The Modern
Babylon, 2005, written by G.L. Gick, edited by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier, Black Coat Press)                
1912 S – Birth of Howard Jekyll, son of Edwina Hyde and Howard Spenser.                
 S – Birth of Susan Smith, daughter of Susan Spenser and Edward Jekyll.                
 – Dracula takes Vincent Frankenstein and his fiance Ericka hostage in an attempt to get a new Frankenstein Monster. Ericka is transformed into a werewolf by one of Dracula’s servants, but retains enough control over her animal form to help Vincent escape from Castle Dracula. [Neal Adams’ Monsters, 2004]                
1913 – One hundred years ago, a Navajo woman named Kee-On-Ee who believed she has been abandoned by her husband (who has actually been killed) became a witch. Her daughter, Watuma, was taught to hate all white men and sought vengeance by attacking the invading whites in wolf form, until she encounterd a friar and his cross. She returns from death 100 years later to kill the sweetheart of the reincarnation of the man who shot her lover. [The Werewolf, 1913] (This 13 minute long silent movie used a real wolf in the transformation scene)                 
 W – Miss Mina Murray reforms The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the team is now comprised of Mina Murray, Allan Quatermain, Jr., and Professor Challenger) and, in the caves beneath Paris’ famed Opera House, they fight their French counterparts, Les Hommes Mystérieux (aeronaut Jean Robur, the Nyctalope, Arsène Lupin, Fantômas, and Tiziraou). [“The New Traveller’s Almanac, Chapter Two: Europe” in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II, 2003, by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill] (Cousins le Nyctalope and Arsène Lupin are both non-shifting lycanthropes)                 
 – Film production companies in the U.S. and Great Britain release fourth and fifth versions of “Jekyll and Hyde”.                
1914 – A timber wolf ensnared in a trap is shown to be an Indian medicine man who is infatuated with an already-betrothed woman. [The White Wolf, 1914]                
1915 – [The Wolfman, 1915]                
1916 – During WWI, American pilot Jack Shannon and British occultist Archibald Caldwell are sent into the Black Forest to stop a German plot to create an army of Frankenstein Monsters. They encounter vampires (led by Graf Orlock), the original Frankenstein Monster, and German werewolf soldiers. [The Black Forest, 2004, by Todd Livingston and Robert Tinnel]                                  
1917 S – Events of The Hyena by Robert E. Howard. Ellen Farrell is the daughter of Dido Utterson.                 
1918 S – Andre Rojas living in England under the name of Andreas is made into a full blown lycanthrope by Dracula soul clone Armand Tesla. First part of Return of the Vampire               
 C – 1918 -1920 – Lt. Studnikov of the Soviet Army encounters Ghouls when suppressing an outbreak of cannibalism in Siberia. [Pandora’s Box, 2002, part of ANOMALIES, by the Man in Black]                
1919   – The approximate date of the founding of the Thule Society in Germany. A young and earnest Adolf Hitler is among their early members.                
1920   – Right-wing terror group, Operation Werewolf, is established in Germany by Fritz Kappe.                
1922 The Fraternity of the Inner Light is founded by Dion Fortune, who has a dramatic and frightening encounter with a werewolf.                
1923 – A murderer cursed by a priest becomes a werwolf and is killed when struck by lightning. [Le Loup Garou, 1923]                
 D – A mining operation in Chicago uncovered the catacombs of the Wyrm creatures. All Garou unite to fight the common enemy. [World Of Darkness games by White Wolf]                                    
1925 – A transfusion of she-wolf blood turns Canadian logger Dick Bannister into a werewolf. [Wolf Blood, 1925]                
 S – Daniel Grimm jr. born                 
 D – An old Philodox of the Children of Gaia has a vision, about the release of Jupiter once again. It is dismissed by most. [World Of Darkness games by White Wolf]                 
 W – Dr. Anton Zarnak saves Ram Singh from an Indian were-tiger. In gratitude the fierce rajput pledges his life in service to him. (Zarnak’s WNU chronology has been worked out by Matthew Baugh)                
1928 S – Benjamin Grimm born.                
 – The Massachusettes town of Innsmouth is raided by U.S. agents and the Navy. They find a colony of human / deep one hybrids, and wipe them out. As a result of the encounter, the PPPP-Division is created.  [Delta Green, RPG Suppliment (and related fiction) for CALL OF CTHULHU, 1993, Pagan Press]                 
1930 S – Robert Bruce Banner born                
 S – The son of Dr. Moreau continues his father’s experiments, as seen in the film The Island of Lost Souls.                  
 – A Trego Indian boy named Ish is born. [X-Files, “Shapes”, 1994, FOX]                 
1931 S – David Bruce Banner born                 
1932 W – Doc Savage and the Fabulous Five, along with Doc’s cousin Patricia, investigate the Brand of the Werewolf. [“Brand of the Werewolf”, January 1934 issue of Doc Savage Magazine, by Lester Dent] (For a complete Doc Savage timeline, please visit Win Eckert’s The Doc Savage Chronology)                
 – An escaped convict explains to his young son that he is always on the run because a werewolf is chasing him. [Le Loup Garou, 1932 (based on the novel “Der Schwarze Mann” by Alfred Machard)]                 
1933 S – Events of Daughter of Dr. Jekyll                
 M – Upon the death of his twin brother John Talbot Jr, Lawrence Stewart Talbot, returns to Talbot Castle in Llanwely, Wales. Talbot purchases the Wolf’s head scepter that somehow winds up in a small Llanwelian shop. Having no idea of its purpose he uses it as a novelty cane. Later he is bitten by and slays Bela Blasko. Talbot becomes a werewolf. He finds a friend in Melava the gypsy who seeks to help him, but in the end is apparently slain by his own father who uses the Wolf’s head scepter as the instrument of death. John Talbot dies of grief soon after. (See agent Kurt Siodmak’s report THE WOLFMAN and for additional information, see Agent Carl Dreadstone’s follow up report with the same title)                
 M During these events, the body of John Talbot Jr. is exhumed, from the Talbot family tomb, by agents of Dracula and transported to Castle Dracula. Dracula-Prime turns John Jr. into a soul clone named Grodimn, and bestows upon him the Star-stone ring. (Recent evidence shows that John Talbot Jr. was himself a werewolf and was originally killed when shot by hunters mistaking him for an animal. This fact shows that Dracula-Prime might have had an easier time, making a soul-clone out of a creature already tainted with Un-dead blood.)               
 – The Scorpion King, who has become an enormous man-scorpion, is finally killed by American adventurer Rick O’Connell and his family. [The Mummy Returns, 2001]                
1934 W – Dr. Wilfred Glendon is bitten by a werewolf on a trip to Tibet, and becomes one himself during the full moon after his return to London. Asian mystic Yogami (also a werewolf) fights him for possession of the Marifasa lupina, the moon poppy capable of curing lycanthropy, but both werewolves die before the antedote can be used. (according to Jess Nevins’ Wold Newton Universe Timeline, the werewolf who attacked Wilfred was in the employ of the Nine Unknown) [The Werewolf of London, 1935]                  
1935 S – Jennifer Walters born.                
1936 – Two years after the defeat of the Scorpion King, the O’Connells are again waging war against Imhotep the Mummy. At one point Rick O’Connell becomes a werewolf while in Wales. [“Howl” episode of Mummy – The Animated Series, 2002]                
1937 M – Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived when grave looters open his tomb as the full moon arises. Talbot awakens in a London hospital with a horrible realization; he cannot die! Talbot escapes the hospital seeks out and finds Maleva. Talbot asks Maleva for one simple thing, to help him end his wretched life. The two of them end up journeying to Visaria, seeking the aid of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein. Instead they end up encountering Ludwig’s daughter Elsa and Henry Frankenstein’s monster. (with Ygor’s brain). Talbot, as the Wolfman, fights with the Monster until the castle laboratory crumbles around them. (See agent Siodmak’s report FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN)                
1938 W The Frankenstein Creature and The Wolf Man have a brief rematch. [Scary Monsters Magazine #51, Dennis Druktenis Publishing, June 2004, by “Professor Anton Griffin”] (researched by Win Eckert)                
1940 S – Leonard “Doc” Samson born.                
 M – Dracula-Latos meets an untimely end due to the sunrise. Dr. Niemann continues his quest by traveling to the remains of the late Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein’s laboratory. In the caverns below he discovers the frozen bodies of Lawrence Stewart Talbot (In Wolfman form) and Henry Frankenstein’s monster (With Ygor’s brain) Niemann revives both, and takes them to his old lab in the outskirts of Visaria. Dr. Niemann’s plans to fully charge the Monster, are spoiled when the hunchback Daniel becomes jealous over a gypsy girl he fancies love for Talbot. Chaos erupts. Talbot is shot with a silver bullet fired by the hand of one who loves him. (A legendary way to kill a werewolf– which has never proven to be true) and Dr. Niemann and the Monster seem to meet their fate as they sink into a swamp. (See agent Siodmak’s report HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN not to be confused with Prof. Mark Brown’s article with the same title.)                 
 – Vaclav Polacek, Dr. Harold Shea, and others are transported to a universe based on Coleridge’s Xanadu, where Polacek manifests lycanthropy as the result of a spell. [CASTLE OF IRON, 1941, by L Sprague de Camp]                
 – Dr. “Indiana” Jones and Short Round discover the Millenium Falcon while searching for evidence of Big Foot for the Museum. Dr. Jones finds the remains of a human inside, and comments on a sense of familiarity.  The “Big Foot” in question, Chewbacca (or a possible descendant) remains undiscovered at this time. [STAR WARS TALES #19, “Into the Great Unknown”, 2004]                 
1941 – Lawrence Talbot returns to Wales, and is bitten by Bela, a gypsie werewolf, transferring the curse to him. [The Wolfman, 1941] (Note that this is seen as occuring differently in the “Wold Newton Universe”. See the 1933 entry for details)                 
 – Two women, Doris and Marian, travel to the Yorkshire moors a year after a friend of theirs named Evelyn went missing in the area. They get caught in a storm, and take refuge in a cottage owned by a name named Stephen, a shell-shocked veteran of the Spanish Civil War. Marian falls in love with Stephen but begins to suspect there is more to Evelyn’s disappearance, and there is certainly something peculiar about Stephen. [The Night Has Eyes, 1942 (also known as “Terror House”)] Bitmap                  
1942 W – February: In the rain-swept coastal town of Bay City, L.A. private eye Philip Marlowe has a brush with the Deep Ones and becomes one of the few people to lay eyes on The Necronomicon. Also appearing are Edwin Winthrop, agent of a special section of British Intelligence especially assigned to deal with Cthulhuoid horrors, and his vampire partner, Geneviève Dieudonné. Special Agent Finlay of the “Unnameables” Section of the FBI is also part of the anti-Cthulhu task-force. [THE BIG FISH, 1995, by Kim Newman (published in the FAMOUS MONSTERS anthology)] (researched by Win Eckert for the WNU Crossover Chronology)                 
 – A European woman discovers she transforms into a black panther when aroused. [The Cat People, 1942]                 
 – A man unwillingly transforms into the murderous “Catman of Paris”.                 
 M – Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived, (At this time, how this happened is unknown) he moves to a flat in London, still hoping to find a way to permanently die. Dr. Peter Drury contacts Talbot saying he wants to cure him, but really wants samples of Talbot’s blood, to make super soldiers. (Drury would later work with the blood of Frank Griffen, AKA the Invisible Agent) (From Agent Jeff Rovin’s report THE RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN)                 
 – OK Farm boy Warren Griffith is declared 4F due to his lycanthropy, but is recruited to the military’s new Project M to be one of the Creature Commandos, alongside other “monsters”. [WEIRD WAR TALES #93, 1980]                 
 S – Dr. Lorenzo Cameron attempts to create a race of super-soldier werewolves by injecting a human subject with wolf’s blood. The unfortunate subject is Pedro Roja, a descendent of Rex Rufus. His latent lycanthropy is triggered. Cameron and Pedro apparently die in a fire. [The Mad Monster, 1942]                 
 – The Hammond family of Cornwall has a centuries’ old lycanthropic curse. [The Undying Monster, 1942 (aka “The Hammond Mystery”)] Bitmap                 
 W – The Shadow investigates “Case of the Phantom Werewolf” in December. [The Shadow radio program #152, 27 Dec 1942]                
1943 – “Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man” pairs off the two titular monsters for the first time, in the European village of Vasaria.  Larry Talbot is resurrected by foolish graverobbers and in turn resurrects the Monster. (Note that this is seen as occuring differently in the “Wold Newton Universe”.  See the 1937 entry for details) Bitmap                 
 – Mad scientist transforms men into apes. [The Ape Man, 1943]                
 – Reginald de Malveneur is a scientist attempting to discover the secret of total cellular rejuvenation. When a young governess, Monique Valory, arrives at the castle of the Malveneurs, she learns that Reginald, who is master of the house, has disappeared along with the gamekeeper. With the help of a young painter, Philippe, she begins to suspect that there is something strange at work in the household. [The Wolf of the Malveneurs (aka “Le Loup des Malveneur”), 1943] Bitmap                
 – Priscilla Rich becomes the Cheetah, a schizophrenic personality that is sometimes characterized in comics as a genuine therianthrope, and begins a life-long emnity against Wonder Woman. [Wonder Woman #6, FALL 1946, National Periodicals]                
 W December – The Avenger investigates an outbreak of bloody killings, in which all the victims bear the marks of attack by wolves. He discovers a lab-created werewolf is behind the attacks. [Avenger #26: Red Moon, 1974, written by Kenneth Robeson] (special thanks to researchers Art Bollmann and Rick Lai for this information)                
1944 – Dr. Neimann escapes from a lunatic asylum and revives the monsters Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, so that he can exact revenge on his enemies. “The House of Frankenstein” includes mention of a silver bullet terminating a werewolf (Larry Talbot) and adds to the Hollywood werewolf mythology.  [House of Frankenstein (aka “Chamber of Horrors”, “The Devil’s Brood”, “Doom of Dracula”), 1944] Bitmap                 
 – Celeste La Tour, raised by the Trioga gypsies, is actually a Romany princess, descended from Marie Laveau. Like her ancestor, she has the ability to turn herself into a wolf at will. When a team from the local museum discover Laveau’s tomb, she begins killing them off one by one as a werewolf. [Cry of the Werewolf (aka “Daughter of the Werewolf”), 1944] Bitmap  S  – The vampire Armand Tesla is revived during the London Blitz of WW2 and Andre Rojas once again becomes a lycanthrope under Tesla’s domination. [The Return of the Vampire, 1944]               
 S – The regenerative ability of the lycanthrope and the chemicals of Dr. Sullivan’s laboratory combined with the bacteria rich muck of the swamp combined to create a new monster from the charred bones of Pedro Rojs which climbed out the swamps. a large hulking figure but completely stark white skin, hair and even the eyes were bleached white. It was bereft of memory and child-like in its mental capacity. The lycanthropic traits of a strong streak of violence and seeming impervious to harm were also present. The creature was called Solomon Grundy.                 
 – Curly, Larry and Moe are working as bellboys in a large hotel. A side show promoter shows up his latest attraction, a Wolf Man named ‘Lupe’. He escapes, and hilarity ensues. [Idle Roomers (aka “The Three Stooges Meet the Wolf Man”), 1944] Bitmap                 
 – The Shonokin, a humanoid race that lived in North America before the Indians, is discovered alive in the Appalachians. [THE SHONOKINS, 1944, by Manley Wade Wellman]        – Russian émigré to Britain Michael Gallatin serves as a secret agent to extract vital information from occupied Paris. He discovers a Nazi operation called IRON FIST and must use his abilities as a master spy and a werewolf to escape in time for D-Day.  [The Wolf’s Hour, 1989, by Robert R. McCammon]                
1945 W – John Thunstone battles the Shonokins with the aid of two brothers named Jackson Warren. One of them will later aid Silver John in his own struggle with the Shonokins. [TWICE CURSED, 1946, by Manley Wade Wellman (published in WEIRD TALES Magazine)] (researched by Win Eckert for the WNU Crossover Chronology)                
– Goebbels resurrects Operation Werewolf as a terrorist society.                
– Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima; 78,000 killed.                
 – Dracula arrives at the office of Dr. Edelman, asking for a cure to his vampirism, secretly to get near Edelman’s assistant and turn her into a vampire. Lawrence Talbot then shows up seeking a cure for his own curse, which he truthfully desires. Edelman’s first attempt is unsuccessful, so Talbot attempts to kill himself by leaping from a cliff … but ends up in a network of underground caves where he discovers Frankenstein’s monster. The three monsters begin a supernatural struggle for power. [House of Dracula (aka “The Wolf Man’s Cure”), 1945]             
 S – Larry Talbot marries Miliza, and they live happily for 2 months ’till his lycanthropy returns and he kills her. (This is according to agent Jeff Rovin’s reports.) New information obtained by Prof. Baugh and MONSTAAH Director Loridan reveals that Miliza was not killed although Talbot believed she was.                 
 W Jim Brandon, aka The Avenger, fights against the evil Professor Krueger’s scheme to create superwerewolves.  Krueger reveals that in another life he was known by an Irish name – Moriarty. After the adventure, The Shadow invisibly comes to Brandon and warns him to continue to use his powers of invisibility for justice. [“The Maker of Werewolves”, published in It’s That Time Again 2: More New Stories of Old-Time Radio, 2004, Jim Harmon, ed., BearManor Media.] (researched by Win Eckert)                 
 S New findings show that the wedding of Lawrence Stewart Talbot and Miliza Morelle was attended by Melava Blasko, one of the few people Talbot considered a true friend. Melava’s heightened senses told her that not only was Talbot not permanently cured, but that Miliza was pregnant. Melava planned ahead for the night when she knew Talbot would once again revert to his beast like state and secreted Miliza away to safety. Talbot was lead to believe that he had killed Miliza so that he would not go searching for her.                
 – A London heiress, Phyllis Allenby, begins to suspect that her ancestors were werewolves, and that she is under the influence of a family curse. [She-Wolf of London, 1946] Bitmap                
1946 S – Birth of John Lawrence Talbot , son of Lawrence Stewart Talbot and Miliza Morelle.   S  – After being taken to a safe place, Miliza is comforted by Baron Ivor Russoff, a kind man introduced to her by Melava . The two marry and Baron Russoff adopts John Lawrence.          S  – A month or so later, Lawrence Stewart Talbot, in Werewolf form is near the home of Baron Russoff. The Wolfman catches the scent of his former wife in her bed room, he crashes through her window and mates with her, purely through instinct. (wolves chose one mate for life) whether or not the Wolfman would have killed Miliza is unknow, because as soon as the seed was planted Baron Russoff entered the room with a rifle, firing at the manbeast. The Wolfman leaped out of the window fleeing to the woods beyond. When Talbot awoke the next morning human once more, he of course had no memory of the event. Talbot at the time was on the trail of Dracula, who was near by so it is quite possible that the Lord of the Undead himself, manipulated these events.                 
 S – 18 months after the birth of her older brother, John Lawrence, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russoff is born. She is the daughter of Miliza Russoff and Lawrence Stewart Talbot. At Melava’s suggestion Baron Russoff moves his wife and two adopted children, to the U.S.A.     S  – In the States, Russoff changes his last name to Russell.                 
 S – During childhood young John Lawrence becomes attached to the family dog. His young mind is impressed that the breed name (Jack Russell Terrier) is similar to his own and starts calling himself “Jack”.                 
 S – Meanwhile Jack’s true father, Lawrence Stewart Talbot travels the globe in pursuit of Dracula. Talbot believes that destroying the Vampire King might make up for some of the evil that he himself has done. If he can succeed in this mission, he can then try to fulfill his fondest wish; to die.                 
 – J. Edgar Hoover opens the very first Unexplained Phenomenon (X-File) case, dealing with lycanthropy. During World War II a series of murders occurs around the Northwest, including seven in Browning, Montana. Each victim is ripped to shreds and eaten, as if by a wild animal. Several of the victims, however, were found at home, as if they had invited their killer into their homes. In Glacier National Park, authorities corner what they believe is this animal in a cabin. They shoot it, but when they enter the cabin to retrieve the dead animal they find only the body of Richard Watkins. The murders stop. Hoover locks the cases away in the X-Files, because they are unsolved. A 16 year old Trego Indian boy named Ish briefly sees the animal transform near Watkin’s house and believes it to be a werewolf. [X-Files, “Shapes”, 1994, FOX]                
 – The Shonokin encounter the hero Thunstone in the Appalachians. [SHONOKIN TOWN, 1944, by Manley Wade Wellman]                 
1947 W – In January, the Shadow investigates “The Werewolf Of Hamilton Mansion”. [The Shadow radio program #280, 5 Jan 1947]                
 – An X-File is opened on the Jersey Devil case after a man is dragged off by an unknown animal while changing a car tire in the New Jersey woods. Search teams with dogs find his body with a leg eaten off. Nearby, officers corner the animal in a cave and shoot it, but it turns out to be a large naked man. An autopsy reveals that he has bits of human flesh in his stomach. [X-Files, “The Jersey Devil”, 1993, FOX]                 
 S – Wilbur Grey and Chick Young (actually the immortal duo Ollu and Buzsla) guard the remains of Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula when they are shipped to the USA from Europe to be used in a house of horrors. Dracula wakes up, escapes with the monster, and with the help of his new vampiric helper Dr Sandra Mornay searches for a new “doner” brain. They abduct Wilbur, intending to remove his brain. Larry Talbot arrives from London to deal with Dracula, and helps Chick to find Wilbur, but when the full moon rises he becomes the Wolf Man, and the USA has three monsters to deal with! The duo escape, but Mr. MacDougal, who insisted that they guard Dracula’s coffin, did not fare so well. He was bitten by Larry Talbot and became the notorious Beast of LaMirada.Also ‘appearing’ is the Invisible Man. [Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, 1948] [Immortal Befuddled-Double Trouble: 20th Century, 2002 by Dennis Power, based on “Werewolf Whimwham” episode of Abbot & Costello animated series and “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”] Bitmap                
1948 – A mermaid falls in love with a British man. [Miranda, 1948]                
 – A mermaid falls in love with a Boston man. [Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, 1948]                S  – LaMirada, Florida:  Lawrence Stewart Talbot, tracks Dracula (Lejos) all the way to North America. Dracula, is in the company of Henry Frankenstein’s Monster, (Still housing the brain of Dracula’s son Ygor) and is in league with Dr. Sandra Mornay, a descendent of Dr. Moreau. Dracula and Mornay also have possession of Henry Frankenstein’s notebook.                 
 S – Dracula’s plan is to replace Ygor’s brain with that of a bumbling, easily controlled shipping clerk. (Ygor’s will proved to be harder to control even with the Star-stone ring working in concert with the creature’s neck bolts made from the same stone.) Dracula and Talbot meet on La Viuda Island just off the coast of LaMirada. Talbot has encountered both the Latos and the Lejos soul clones so he is not fooled by Dracula calling himself Dr. Lejos. Talbot foils Dracula’s plan, and Dracula, barely escapes.                 
 S – Talbot, with the assistance of an understanding woman, named Joan Raymond, impales himself with a shard of silver, returning him to his deathlike hibernation and entombs him in the bowels of the ancient castle that stands on La Viuda island. Unknown to both of them, the monster of Henry Frankenstein, also slumbers there. (See the strangely titled file ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN and agent Jeff Rovin’s report “THE RETURN OF THE WOLF MAN”)                  
1949 M – Bereft of their memories Henry Jekyll and Jessica Marvellous (Rabbit) return with Harold Shea to the Garadan Insitute in Ohio. Jessica recovers faster than Jekyll and takes the name Jennifer Marshall.  Henry Jekyll takes the name of Alvin Samuels. Since both were blank slates their original personalities were pretty much eradicated however due to his regenerative capabilities Henry Jekyll and hence Mr. Hyde could not be entirely erased. [adapted for the WNU by Dennis Power from L. Sprague de Camp’s THE CASTLE OF IRON  (1950)]                 
 D – Jonather Peabody presents himself to the Garou of the Fanum, and arrange to help them if they would protect his ‘mummy’ body when he died. They agreed, but after he died he never returned. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]                 
1952   – Demonologist Ed Warren and his clairvoyant wife Lorraine found the New England Society for Psychic Research as its directors. They have been involved in many high profile cases and run the Occult Museum in Farmington CT.                 
 – Mad scientist transforms men into apes. [The Boys from Brooklyn, 1952]                 
 D – Hoover creates SAD (Special Affairs Department) of the FBI under the advice of Dr. Emil Zotos, his psychaiatrist, (a technocractic mage). Charles Horner is named its head. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]                
 – The first FBI “Unexplained File” dealing with what comes to be known as the “Moth Men” case is opened. The case involved primitive-looking men with glowing red eyes.[X-Files, “Detour”, 1997, FOX]                
1954 – A werewolf intending to catch human prey finds himself the prey of a monster-hunting robot.  [“Monsters in the Night”, OCT 1954, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, by Clark Ashton Smith]                 
 – Three scientists locate an amphibious Gill-Man. [Creature from the Black Lagoon, 1954]      – Another series of murders in the northwest, in which the victims are ripped to shreds and eaten (by a werewolf), is investigated. The case remains unsolved. [X-Files, “Shapes”, 1994, FOX]                
1955 – American serveman discovers a woman in the Far East who transforms into a cobra. [Cult of the Cobra, 1955]                 
 – Gill Man taken to Florida theme park escapes. [Revenge of the Creature, 1955]                
 S – Alvin Samuels leaves the Garaden Institute.                 
 W – SAD encounters the decapitated head of a Brujah Union boss and stores the head in a jar in a high-security vault. One of the few pieces of conclusive evidence of the supernatural. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]                
1956 – A Gill Man is captured by scientists, who attempt to adapt its lungs for air. [The Creature Walks Among Us, 1956]                
 – Mole people enslaved by Sumarians in an underground civilization revolt. [The Mole People, 1956]                 
 – Duncan Marsh is treated for injuries from a car wreck with a special chemical distilled from wolves and changed into a werewolf.  After killing some people in California he is gunned down and dies. [The Werewolf, 1956] Bitmap                
 S – The son of Dr. Moreau dies after a failed second attempt to perfect his father’s work, as seen in the film The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977).                 
 – A group of five hunters in Montana is attacked by a creature that appears to be half man and half bat. Five people die or disappear. In some cases, body parts are found later at a significant distance from the body. Ernie Stefaniuk is attacked by the man-bat, but the man-bat is eventually killed. Another man-bat begins stalking Ernie who soon goes into hiding that will last until the year 2000. His wife, Ariel, goes into hiding with him on an island. Ernie forbids her to tell her mother where they have gone. Ernie’s brother, Myron, sends supplies to the island via a raft that is pulled across the water like a ferry. Ernie has deep gouge wounds on his face, possibly from the initial attack or a later encounter with the man-bat. [X-Files, “Patience”, 2000, FOX]                
1957 – Tony Rivers is induced by Dr. Alfred Brandon to transform into a mindless werewolf. [I Was a Teenage Werewolf (aka “Blood of the Werewolf”) 1957, starring Michael Lan             – [The Cat Girl, 1957]                
 – A honeymooning couple encounters a Gill Man, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, and the Wolfman. [El Castillo de los Monstros, 1969] Bitmap                 
 S – Robert Bruce Banner is exposed to “gamma” radiation and becomes a full blown theriomorph (the Hulk).                 
 W – At the its largest size with 25 agents, SAD loses six as a result of the investigations into Denise Gerard and Dr. Timothy Clarke. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]               
1958 – A Mexican pianist becomes a werewolf whenever his greatest concerto is played. [El Hombre y el Monstro (aka “The Man and the Monster”), 1958] Bitmap                 
 – A Communist agent planted in America creates werewolves in order to start a panic in the U.S. He is undone when attacked by one of his own creations, who is then aided by a scientist. [The Professor (tv pilot, unaired), 1958] Bitmap                 
 – A scientist experimenting in teleportation accidentally merges with a fly [The Fly, 1958]       – Seven children in Derry, Maine battle a shape-shifting evil that at different times appears as a werewolf and the Gill-Man. [IT, by Stephen King]                 
 – Teen actor Larry Drake becomes a real Teenage Werewolf when a mad props effects expert uses him and a teenage Frankenstein in a bizarre revenge scheme. [How to Make a Monster, 1958] Bitmap                 
 – Lawrence Talbot accidentally revives Dracula and fights both the vampire and a Frankenstein Monster. [Return of the Wolfman, 1957, one of the Don Glut classic horror fan films of the era]                 
1959 – Lawrence Talbot seeks a cure from Dr. Frankenstein, who uses the Wolf Man to assist in controlling his Monster and getting the parts for a new, Teenage Frankenstein monster. [THE TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN, 1959, one of the Don Glut classic horror fan films of the era]                
 – A mummy who had been inflicted with lycanthropy in life returns from the dead (possible ancestor of Larry Talbot). [The Face of the Screaming Werewolf, 1959]                
 – Lawrence Talbot is summoned by Dracula to be his slave, but manages to escape the vampire’s control and defeats him. [SLAVE OF THE VAMPIRE, 1959, one of the Don Glut classic horror fan films of the era]                
 S – Seymour Kahlbaum and his talking carnivorous plant Audrey II go on a killing spree. Events of Little Shop of Horrors                
 – Dr. Macabre transforms young Tony Rivers (it is unlikely that this was the same Tony Rivers who appeared in 1957’s “I was a Teenage Werewolf”) into a Teenage Werewolf. Tony kills the doctor and goes on to fight many other monsters.  [The Teenage Werewolf, The Return of the Teenage Werewolf, The Teenage Frankenstein Meets the Teenage Werewolf, all three made in 1959 by Don Glut] (visit Don Glut’s Teenage Horror Movies page)                 
1960 – Lawrence “the Wolf Man” Talbot gets his kicks on Route 66. [Route 66, 1960]               S  – Benjamin Grimm undergoes his first theriomorphic change (the Thing).                 
 – Tony Rivers (II ?) uses his lycanthropic form to kill members of rival motorcycle gangs until the survivors join together and gang up on Tony in a dark alley with stakes, bricks and bullets. [REVENGE OF THE TEENAGE WEREWOLF, 1960, written by, directed by, and starring Don Glut] (visit Don Glut’s Teenage Horror Movies page)                 
A plane loaded with dancing girls heading to Singapore crash-lands on an island inhabited by a mutant spider.  Gary, the only male among the survivors, is bitten and mutates into a werespider.  [EinToter hing im Netz (aka A Corpse Hangs in the Web, Body in the Web, Girls of Spider Island, Horrors of Spider Island, It’s Hot in Paradise, The Spider’s Web), 1960]                
1961 – A young man becomes a werewolf, is imprisoned by his girlfriend’s father, and escapes only to die. [The Curse of the Werewolf (aka “The Curse of Siniestro”), 1961]            S  – Sherman Klump born                 
 – Tony Rivers again becomes the Teenage Werewolf, survives a gunfight and forms an alliance with the Teenage Dracula in hopes of finding a cure for his condition.  Instead, young Drac uses him to revive the Teenage Frankenstein (a monster, not a doctor), but the vampire is betrayed by Reece Renfield and the other two monsters battle it out, seemingly to the death.  [MONSTER RUMBLE, 1961, written by, directed by, and starring Don Glut, and (potentially), TEENAGE MONSTER RUMBLE, a planned professional remake] (visit Don Glut’s MONSTER RUMBLE page)                
 S – Julius Kahlbaum succeeds in releasing his Hyde, “Buddy Love”                
 S – Alvin Samuels (Dr. Henry Jekyll) succeeds in releasing Mr. Hyde. He begins a long time emnity of Dr. Donald Blake and the crime fighter Thor.                
 – A love potion turns a man into a cat in Spain. [Abuelita Charlestón (“Little Grandma Charleston”), 1961]                 
1962 – Italian women’s reform school director is a werewolf with a psychotic mistress. [Lycanthropus, 1962]                
 – A mermaid and her pet shark swim the California-Mexico coast. [The Mermaid of Tiburon, 1962]                 
 S – The second Spider battles the Alligator-Man for the first of several times. In comic books, this appears as Spider-Man fighting the Lizard.  [Amazing Spider-Man #6, 1963]                
1964 – US Intelligence intercepts Soviet reports of werewolf attacks in Siberia. [Howling III–The Marsupials, 1987]                
 – The Munsters live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, including the man-made monster Hermann, his vampire wife Lily (and her father “Grampa”, actually Dracula-Grimpost), 11-year old werewolf Eddie, and the couple’s ordinary niece Marilyn (in one episode, it is revealed that Lily’s brother is also a werewolf).  [The Munsters, 1964]                 
 – Two werewolves fall in love and are killed. [La Loba, 1964]                
 – Birth of Irena Cortez in El Centro, Arizona. Like her parents, Irena is born a natural werewolf, and is trained by them in the use of her powers. She would fondly remember running with them through the deserts and mountains during full moons. [Real Ghostbusters #5, NOW Comics] The exact year is conjecture proposed at the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline.                 
 – Marsupial werewolves are persecuted in Australia. [Howling III–The Marsupials, 1987]              
1966 – Dark Shadows 1st aires                 
 – [Curse of the Swamp Creature]                
 – Crew of the Seawolf submarine faces an outbreak of lycanthropy. [Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, 1966]                 
 – Mothman, a humanoid with a large wingspan and capable of flying 100 mph, is spotted in the TNT area of West Viginia on November 14. Fox Mulder believes this creature is related to ones spotted later in Florida. [X-Files, “Detour”, 1997, FOX]                
1967 – Davy Jones’s amorous desires for a brunette beauty lead him and the other Monkees to a spooky house inhabited by Dracula, The Wolfman, and The Mummie. [“Monstrous Monkee Mash” episode of The Monkees, aired 22 JAN 1967] (researched by Art Bollman)        – Barnabas Collins the vampire appears on Dark Shadows                
 – Count Waldemar Daninsky becomes a werewolf and kills a pair of Hungarian vampires.  Though he is slain, Daninsky can only be killed for good if done in by a woman who loves him. [La Marca del Hombre Lobo, 1968]                
 – [Return From the Past, 1967]                 
1968 – Quentin Collins the werewolf appears on Dark Shadows                 
 – [El Bosque del Lobo, 1968]                 
 – Count Waldemar Daninsky (El Hombre Lobo) is used by Dr Braddoch (a mad scientist) in a revenge plot.  [Las Noches del Hombre Lobo, 1968]                 
1969 – Count & Countess Dracula are disturbed by a werewolf at their home in the Mojave Desert. [Blood of Dracula’s Castle, 1969]                 
 – Scientist Odo Warnoff from the planet Ummo revives Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, a mummy, and Count Waldemar Daninsky the werewolf. Daninsky kills the other monsters and runs off the alien. [El Hombre que Vino de Ummo, 1969]                
 – A mummy fights a jackal man. [The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals, 1969]                
 – A farmer becomes a werewolf and starts hunting Woodstock hippies. [The Werewolf of Woodstock, 1975]                
 S – Events of Mysterious Inc.’s case with the Hyde creature exposed as being Robert Hastings a.k.a. Dr. Jekyll. The Hyde creature was merely a fake. [Scooby Doo, Where Are You?, “Nowhere to Hyde”, 1969]                
1970 – Count Waldemar Daninsky is forced to kill his own wife Erika by Illona Hellman, an evil female neurologist he asked to search for a cure to his lycanthropy.  [La Furia del Hombre Lobo, 1970]                
 – Dr. Spektor studies the case file of Dr. Samuel Barr who was transformed into a were-lion called Simbar by an African witch-doctor.  [THE OCCULT FILES OF DOCTOR SPEKTOR #6, Don Glut] (Researched by Chris N.)                
 – Count Waldemar Daninsky is resurrected in Paris when the silver bullet is removed from his heart and saves a woman from being sacrificed to Waldessa the vampire (Elisabeth Bathory) on Walpurgis Night, 30 April. [La Noche De Walpurgis, 1970]                 
 – Steven Kane, Director of the Guardians, follows up rumors of werewolves and sea-vampires in the Breton fishing village of Tregonnec.  He finds the rumors to be all to true.  Lured into the sea by a beautiful woman, he almost meets his end when she transforms into a shark.  All such creatures are believed to have been destroyed in a raid  the Guardians subsequently led on the village, though the rumors persist. [The Vampires of Finistere (The Guardians Book 4), 1970, by Peter Saxon] (Researched by Curt Purcell. See his other research regarding The Groovy Age of Horror at his weblog. Warning: Adult Content.)                 
 M – In Los Angeles, CA, John Lawrence ‘Jack’ Russell. (John Lawrence Talbot) turns 25 and discovers that he has inherited the curse of lycanthropy. After his first change, his mother, Milliza reveals the truth, about his real father.  Seeking to find a cure for himself and for his younger sister Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell, whose 25th birthday, is less then a year after his and might suffer from the same curse, ‘Jack’ Russell embarks on a journey filled with horrific adventure. [Marvel Spotlight #2, 1971]                
 S – Count Daninsky seeks the grandson of Dr. Jekyll to help find a cure for lycanthropy. The formula works until it is tampered with, and Waldemar becomes a new Hyde for a brief time. [Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo, 1971]                 
1971 – A Brazilian man must slay his son, a werewolf committing murders. [O Homen Lobo, 1971]                 
 M – Mexico. Dracula’s Mexican soul clone and his servant Rex Rufus, The Werewolf are resurrected by an evil Hunchback, named Eric. Fortunately, El Santo and his crime fighting partner Blue Demon are on hand to destroy him. Unfortunately, the destruction of another soul clone returns more power to Dracula-Prime. [Santo y Blue Demon contra Dracula y el Hombre Lobo, 1971] (Win Eckert has placed this event in 1972, vice ’71)                 
 – Devil’s Advocates motorcycle gang is killed by one of their own when she is transformed into a werewolf by a vengeful monk. [Werewolves on Wheels, 1971]                
 – Dr. Christopher Leader discovers Dr. Jekyll’s diary and creates his own formula, becoming first a rapist, and later a woman (Miss Hide). [The Adult Version Of Jekyll & Hide, 1971]               
1972 – [The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!, 1972]                
 – Andrew Rodanthe becomes a werewolf in the Louisiana Bayou. [Moon of the Wolf, 1972]     S  – Events of Dr. Black Mr. Hyde                 
 M – Frank Drake revives Dracula prime who is now at full power. Drake enlists the aid of Jon Quincy Harker, who founds a new League of Anti-Diabolists, comprised of Drake, Dr. Rachel van Helsing, Taj Nital, detective Hannibal King, and the once solo vampire hunter known only as Blade. This core group tracks Dracula-prime all over the globe thwarting him and his evil plans at every turn (See files marked as “THE TOMB OF DRACULA” by Harold H. Harold, edited by R. Thomas, and M. Wolfman)                  
 – The intended Bride of Baron Henry von Frankenstein’s Monster is kidnapped by the giant ape Modzula. Among the many monsters who come to her rescue are wolf man Ron Chanley and a Mr. Hyde. [ABC Saturday Superstar Movie, “Mad, Mad, Monsters”, 1972]          
 – Dr. Adam Spektor was afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy while at Mount Aldol, NY. He battles the Frankenstein Monster and Dr. Tong in his quest for the cure, a rare mineral called Lobrostone. [THE OCCULT FILES OF DOCTOR SPEKTOR #11-13, 1974, Don Glut] (Researched by Chris N.) (Win Eckeret places these events in 1973-74)                 
 – High School student Akira Inugami becomes both a two-legged and four-legged Wolfguy when defending himself and his teacher from his kitana-wielding classmates. [“Wolf Jack”, manga by Kazumasa Hirai; adapted into the movie Ôkami no monshô (aka “Crest of the Wolf”, “Horror of the Worlf”, “Coat of Arms of the Wolf”, and “Mark of the Wolf”), 1973] Bitmap                
1973 – Tom Newcliffe, a rich businessman and expert hunter, summons six guests to his country estate to discover who among them is a werewolf and to hunt the monster down.  [The Beast Must Die (aka “Black Werewolf”), 1974]                 
 – 12-year old boy witness a werewolf attack his father, but no one believes him. [The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, 1973]                 
 – Count Daninsky is killed by a dagger made from a silver cross. [El Retorno de Walpugis, 1973]                 
 – A Presidential aide is bitten by a werewolf in Hungary and becomes one himself when he returns to Washington DC. [Werewolf of Washington, 1973]                
 M – John Lawrence ‘Jack’ Talbot battles Dracula-Prime over the possession of an accent tome referred to as the ‘Darkhold’. To Dracula this book merely means more power, but to John Lawrence it means a possible cure to his curse. Even after the battle, John Lawrence Talbot does not end his curse. To protect his sister, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell, (even though, the curse seems to have skipped her) Talbot uses methods he learned from the Darkhold to place her into suspended animation. John Lawrence, like his father before him eventually becomes jaded and depressed, giving up hope of ever finding a cure. [Based on issues of Marvel Comics’ “TOMB OF DRACULA” and “WEREWOLF BY NIGHT” magazines, as interpreted by MONSTAAH Historian Chuck Loridans]                 
 D – In an attempt to infiltrate AIM, SAD loses some of its most experienced agents. Horner dies in a mysterious accident a month later, to be replaced by Andrew Crowe. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]                
1974 – Carl Kolchak faces a werewolf on a cruise ship. [The Night Stalker, 1974]                
 – Operation Lycanthropus obtains werewolf blood to make supersoldiers. [Project Metalbeast, 1995]                 
 – Remus Lupin, a lycanthrope, befriended fellow Hogwarts students Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew. Because he was ostricised for his affliction, his friends each became Animagus shapeshifters to provide him a peer group. They were, respectively, a wolf (Moony), dog (“Padfoot”/”Snuffles”), stag (“Prongs”), and rat (“Wormtail”/”Scabbers”).  [HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN, 1999 by J.K.Rowling]  (Year is approximate; what is certain is that they were all in their 5th year Hogwarts. For more chronological information on these and other Harry Potter characters, please see Lynne’s My Harry Potter Time Line)                 
 – A writer is stalked by a werewolf. [Scream of the Werewolf, 1974]                
 – Etoile, a man raised by wolves, becomes a werewolf in Paris and his shot with s silver bullet by Inspector Gerard. [Legend of the Werewolf, 1975]                
 W – Vincent, a little boy with a leonine face, is present as a subject of the Chrysalis Project, possibly as a failed early attempt to create Khan Noonien Singh and other Eugenic supermen. [THE EUGENICS WARS: THE RISE AND FALL OF KHAN NOONIEN SINGH, VOLUME ONE, 2001, by Greg Cox] (This marks a WNU crossover between the series “Beauty and the Beast” and the Star Trek franchise, as reported by Win Eckert in his Crossover Chronology.)               
1975 – A Scientist turns himself into a catfish-alligator creature.  [Attack of the Swamp Creatures, 1975]                
 – Count Waldemar Daninsky fights two female werewolves, a despot, and a Yeti in Katmandu.  He is finally cured of lycanthropy by a monk using a rare red flower. [La Maldicion de la Bestia, 1975]                 
1976 – Two couples vacationing in Florida are attacked by Bloodstalkers. [Bloodstalkers, 1976]                 
 – Paul Carlson is struck in the head by fragments of a meteor and becomes an 8-ft tall reptilian Moon Beast, which is defeated by archeologist Johnny Longbow using a piece of the same meteor. [Track of the Moon Beast, 1976]                
 – A woman learns she was a werewolf in a past life and becomes one in this life as well. [La Lupa Mannera, 1976]                 
1978   – “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon becomes the rock singer’s only Top 40 hit.                
 – A man visits Hawaii and discovers his grandfather was cursed by natives to become a lycanthrope. [Death Moon, 1978]                 
 – A shapeshifting rat-woman prompts a Castle Rock, Maine man to commit several murders. [Nona, by Stephen King]                 
 – Sherman “Fangs” Fangsworth inherits the family lycanthropy and becomes Fangface; a werewolf. Together with his friends Kim, Biff, and Pugglsy, he travels around looking for wrongs to right. [Fangface cartoon series, 1978-79]                 
1979 – Sherman “Fangs” Fangsworth and his friends are joined by Sherman’s little cousin “Baby Fangs” (aka Fangpuss). [Fangface and Fangpuss cartoon series, 1979-80]                
 – Izzy Berkewitz is born to Shaineh Berkewitz as the result of experiments by a farmer named Pollidori. The experiments are intended to create a mate for a physically deformed child in Pollidori’s care. Over the succeeding years several additional children are born from such experiments. Each seems to have physical characteristics in common with a barnyard animal. [X-Files, “The Post-Modern Prometheus”, 1997, FOX]                
 – Hunters murder Irena Cortez’s parents. She escapes, and the hunters are arrested the next day for parading around with their “trophies”. Irena moves to New York and has herself hynpotized to forget her werewolf nature. [Real Ghostbusters #5, NOW Comics] The exact year is conjecture proposed at the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline.                 
1980 – American hitchhikers David and Jack are attacked by a werewolf  in the English countryside. Jack is killed, while David becomes a werewolf himself, slaying several people before being killed in London. [An American Werewolf In London, 1981]                
 – Count Daninsky is resurrected by three German women to combat the vampire Elisabeth Bathory. He slays her, and they slay him. [El Retorno del Hombre Lobo, 1980]                 
 W – Crowe, who led SAD away from Garou incidents, is replaced by George Thomasson due to politics. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]                 
 – Birth of Daniel `Oz’ Osborne in Sunnydale, CA. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]                
1981 – A news anchorwoman exposes and destroys a coven of werewolves outside LA, but then becomes one herself.  [The Howling, 1981]                
 – Teenage son of a woman raped by an evil spirit becomes a shape-shifter. [The Beast Within, written 1981 (also a movie in 1982)]                
 – Werewolves prowl big cities picking off the homeles and unwanted for food. [Wolfen, 1981  – While traveling across America and it’s alternate universe counterpart The Territories, ten year old Jack Sawyer befriends Wolf, a werewolf from The Territories. Wolf dies in the Wold Newton Universe. [THE TALISMAN, by Stephen King & Peter Straub]                 
1982 – Michael Jackson transforms into a werewolf and a zombie necromancer. [Thriller, 1982]                 
 – A brother and sister transform into panthers when aroused, and back to human after feeding. [Cat People, 1982]                 
 – High school football player becomes a werewolf. [Full Moon High, 1982]                 
 – Thirteen year old Walter Kribbins becomes a werewolf and gains control of this change with the help of his friend and a gypsy. [THE ADVENTURES OF A TWO-MINUTE WEREWOLF, 1983, by Gene DeWeese (made into an ABC’s Weekend Special in 1985)]                 
 – Though he has turned into a werewolf, his parents, teacher, and classmates still see him as Lawrence Talbot, second-grader. [I WAS A SECOND GRADE WEREWOLF, 1983, Daniel M Pinkwater; For a list of all of Pinkwater’s books in chronological order, visit the P-Zone]               
1983 – Count Waldemar Daninsky time-travels to 16th Cent. Japan searching for a cure to his lycanthropy. Her returns to the present in failure, and is killed by his Japanese lover. [La Bestia y la Espada Magica, 1983]                
 – New Yorkers Dana Barrett and Louis Tulley are possessed by Zuul the Gate-Keeper and Vinz Clortho the Key Master, two servants of Gozer the Destroyer, and are transformed into Terror Dogs. The Ghostbusters stop Gozer, and Dana and Louis get better. [Ghostbusters, 1984, see Ghostbuster Omnibus timeline]                 
 – British Professor Jonathan Chase teaches at New York University and fights crime as the polymorphic Manimal. [Manimal tv series, 8 episodes]                
 – A boy and his sister discover a werewolf is responsible for recent local murders. [CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF, Steven King 1984, Silver Bullet, 1985]                 
 – Walter Galt, Winston Bongo, and their female friend Rat have an adventure involving a beatnik poet and a werewolf. [The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror, 1984, Daniel M Pinkwater; For a list of all of Pinkwater’s books in chronological order, visit the P-Zone]               
1984 – [Children of the Full Moon, 1984]                
 – Superstar Vince Raven becomes a werewolf while shooting a music video at his castle. [Monster Dog, 1984]                 
 – Shapeshifting mermaid “Madison” falls for a Manhattan businessman and convinces him to live with her under the sea. [Splash!, 1984]                
 S – Mr. Hyde is captured by Wilson Fisk. He is subjected to cybernetic augmentation, brainwashing and genetic manipulation using kryptonite.                 
 – The Ghostbusters get involved in a feud between vampires and werewolves in “Lupusville”. [Real Ghostbusters, “No One Comes To Lupusville”, 1986, see Ghostbuster Omnibus timeline] ]                 
 M – California: John Lawrence ‘Jack’ Talbot, frees his sister from her suspended animation.  Once they are sure that she does not share the family curse, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell goes on to live a normal life, eventually getting married to a nice, normal man named Kevin Osbourne. At last report they had a son named Jordan in 1992 and seems to be happy.
John Lawrence however, seems to sadly accept his fate and takes up the trade as a claims adjuster,and moves from town to town always keeping one step ahead of our group and other monster hunting organizations. Many members of the League whose path’s have crossed with members of the Talbot family have regretted the fact that they are dedicated to destroying them, if they carry the curse of lycanthropy.
Hopes persist that a cure may someday be found.                 
 – The shapeshifter (Pennywise) beneath Derry, Maine, is finally destroyed once and for all. [IT, by Stephen King]                 
1985 – High school student Scott Howard becomes a werewolf during a basketball game. [Teen Wolf, 1985, starring Michael J. Fox]                
 – A psychic investigator fights the Queen of the Werewolves in Transylvania.  [Howling II–Your Sister Is a Werewolf, 1985]                 
 S – The altered Hyde aka Doomsday is sent on a programed path of destruction throughout Metropolis, the primary goal is to kill as many costumed vigilantes as possible. He succeeded in causing the deaths of Superman and Power Girl. He is finally stopped by Wonder Woman, Captain America and others.  His body is buried in a New Jersey wood. Over time his body rejects the cybernetic implants and genetic mofications as he regenerates.                
 – A series of murders in Oxrun Station, CT is tracked to an elderly werewolf and his greedy sons.  [The Dark Cry Of The Moon, 1985 by Charles M. Grant]                 
1986 – A scientist experimenting in teleportation accidentally merges with a fly [The Fly, 1986]                 
 – A journalist exploits a RatBoy he finds in a dumpster. [RatBoy, 1986]                
 – A snake goddess and her serpent warriors defend their sacred land from construction workers. [Serpent Warriors, 1986]                 
 D – Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme is killed by the Valkyrie Brunhilde. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]                
 – Scott Howard and his lycanthropic family deals with being a teenager and a werewolf in the city of Wolverton (Note that is cannot be the same Scott Howard who was featured in the 1985 film “Teen Wolf”). [Teen Wolf animated series, 1986]                 
 – Ralph, George, and Lizzie are transformed into a werewolf, giant ape, and lizard-person, respectively, appearently due to experiments at SumLabs facility in Toxic Hollow, Illinois. [Rampage, 1986, and Rampage: World Tour, 1997, arcade games by Bally Midway]                
1987 – Catherine, a New York City reporter, discovers Vincent, a leonine (lion-like) man living in the city’s sewers.  They fall in love and begin a modern ‘Beauty and the Beast’ relationship. [Beauty and the Beast, 1987-1990]                 
 – Scott Howard’s cousin Todd exhibits the family curse in college.  [Teen Wolf Too, 1987, starring Jason Bateman]                 
 – Actress Loretta Carson accidentally transforms into a werewolf on stage while receiving an Oscar presented by Dame Edna. [Howling III–The Marsupials, 1987]                
 M August – Young kids form a club that is devoted to monsters, but soon face the real deals when Count Dracula adjourns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman (Lawrence Talbot), the Mummy, and the Gillman. The uglies are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. The Monster Squad and Dr. Van Helsing (a scary German guy), seal the rift to Limbo with the monsters stuck inside it.  The werewolf involved aides the Monster Squad as best he can, though he is seemingly slain by a silver bullet. [Monster Squad, 1987] (Win Eckert has this event taking place in 1986)                 
 – Eric Cord, a grad student is bitten by his roommate werewolf, whom he kills in self defense. He then flees the police and a bounty hunter while hunting for Janos Skorzeny, the head werewolf. [Werewolf, FOX TV 1987]                
 – Tony Rivers is seen once again, this time as a Middle-Aged werewolf (on television this was depicted as the angel Michael taking the form of a werewolf to teach a youth a lesson).  [Highway To Heaven, “I Was a Middle Aged Werewolf”, 1987, starring Michael Landon]          
 – Whittelsey, of the New York Museum of Natural History, discovers the Kothoga tribe in Brazil, but is captured and force fed the Mbwun virus, transforming him into a reptilian monster. [RELIC, by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child]                 
 – Local teens Edgar and Allen Frog theorize aloud that key positions of government in Santa Carla CA are being held by werewolves. (and on a personal note, I believe Santa Carla may be the same city as Sunnydale) [Lost Boys, 1987]                 
1988 – Disturbed teen becomes a monster w/ psychokinetic powers. [Bloodspell, 1988]          – A couple vacations in the village of Drago, where everyone is a werewolf. [Howling IV–The Original Nightmare, 1988]                 
 – [Curse of the Queerwolf]                 
 – My Mom’s a Werewolf                
 – A man and his mermaid mate move to Manhattan. [Splash, too, 1988]                
 – Two warriors are resurrected by Zeus and given the power to transform into a number of animal forms in order to rescue his daughter from a number of mythical monsters (likely occurred between 1500 BCE and 1100 BCE, but there is no way to date it). [Altered Beast, 1988, arcade game by Sega]                
1989 – Last in a line of werewolves dating back to the 15th Cent. kills visitors to his family castle. [Howling V–The Rebirth, 1989]                
 – A Nevada lab performing sleep experiments accidentally frees a shapeshifter from another dimension. [Shadowzone, 1989]                 
 S – Mr. Hyde emerges healed of his wounds from his grave.                 
 M – Louie Talbot, now in nearly complete control of his transformations, is enslaved by vampiress Regine Dandridge in her vengeful quest against Charlie Brewster and Peter Vincent. [Fright Night 2] (The fact that this werewolf “Louie” is the same one seen in MONSTER SQUAD was unearthed by J.J. Lindsey of MONSTAAH)                
 – Irena Cortez is attacked by a mugger in Central Park, and in self-defense her dormant lycanthropy reactivates. She is used by the Necromancer, seeks the aide of the Ghostbusters, helps the quartet save the day, and developes a relationship with Dr. Venkman. [Real GhostBusters (vol I) #5-19, NOW Comics, see Ghostbuster Omnibus timeline]                 
Xoryl, a female member of a race of Lemures, is captured by scientists in the Himalayas. She is sent to the Buffalo Zoo. Her mate, Lem, leaves their home near Mount Everest to find her, and returns her safely home with the help of the Ghostbusters. [Real GhostBusters (vol I) #13, NOW Comics, see Ghostbuster Omnibus timeline]                
1990 – While studying folk legends and myths in London, American graduate student Randi Wallace is attacked by a wild animal. Now, on the night of the full moon she changes into a werewolf. With the help of her professor, Dr. Ian Matheson, Randi seeks to remedy her condition – and the two of them become involved with each other as they investigate the world of the supernatural.   [She-Wolf of London / Love & Curses, tv series]                
1991 – A werewolf trapped in a circus sideshow battles his master, a vampire. [Howling VI–The Freaks, 1991]                
New “Dark Shadows” primetime show.                
A werecat couple with a fear of real cats moves into a small town. [Sleepwalkers, 1991]        – San Francisco psychologist and art collector Benjamin Byrd becomes a werewolf after donning a set of Silver Fangs. He learns to accept and control his new condition with the help of his lover Johanna Fisher, also a werewolf. [Saint Peter’s Wolf, 1991, by Michael Cadnum]                 
1992 – M John Lawrence Talbot sets up shop as a claims adjuster in the town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, and is called upon to stop the Great Old Ones from rising.  [ONLY THE END OF THE WORLD AGAIN, by Neil Gaiman] (Although Win Eckert places this event in 1992, he notes that the lunar cycle depicted, a full moon on Halloween, actually occured in 1945 and 2001, though neither year is likely for this story)                 
A psychic assault on every telepath in North America heralds the creation of hundreds of fully sentient werewolves in Hadleyville.  Agents of the FBI’s Bureau 13 fight to keep the evil Scions of the Silver Dagger from destroying Chicago and taking over the United States. [Full Monster, 1992 by Nick Pollotta]                 
A Gotham woman becomes the new Catwoman after being pushed from a 17th floor window and being revived by cats. She initially allies herself with a sewer-dwelling mutant who resembles a penguin, but eventually sides with the vigilante Batman against him. [BATMAN RETURNS, 1992]                
1993 – A male “Jersey Devil” dies, leaving his mate alone. She begins scavenging for food on the outskirts of Atlantic City.  Later in the year, FBI agents Mulder and Scully investigate deaths near Atlantic City caused by the creature, which are covered up by local police.  The female is killed by police, but an unseen child remains. [X-Files, “The Jersey Devil”, 1993, FOX]                
March 8: NYC book editor Will Randall is bitten by a wolf in Vermont and becomes a werewolf.  He soon gains control of his lupine alter ego and fights Stewart Swintona, a rival werewolf, before transforming Laura Alden into a werewolf as well and leaving civilization. (This year is confirmed by the presence of a full moon on March 8th) [Wolf, 1994]                  
Secret werewolf vigilante group exists within the LAPD. [Full Eclipse, 1993]                
 D The prince of Chicago declares a Blood Hunt on all Lupines. Garou and Sabbat assault Chicago, destroying almost half the Kindred. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]           D Thomasson is rendered insane on orders from the Camarilla by his psychaitrist. Late ’93, Senator’s Grubhold’s incident with the Garou results in increased funding into SAD, increasing the entire department’s activities. [World Of Darkness game by White Wolf]                                    
1994 – 1994 Harvest Howl organized by “Smash Grewolf” in Ohio is the first ever Howl, or werewolf convention .                 
A werewolf with metallic flesh is made to be a supersoldier. [Project Metalbeast, 1995]          Scientist is bitten by a werewolf in Nepal and becomes one himself upon returning to the Pacific Northwest. [Thor, 19??, Bad Moon, 1996]                 
After several cattle are killed on Two Medicine Ranch, near Browning Montana, Joseph Goodensnake is killed by rancher Jim Parker and his wounded son Lyle, who think they are shooting a wolf. Scully and Mulder visit the Trego Indian Reservation in Northwest Montana to investigate, because it appears to be a recurrence of unexplained murders that are the subject of the very first X-File. Jim Parker is later killed, as if by a large animal. His son, Lyle, wounded in the earlier attack, transforms into a Manitou werewolf (or possibly a wendigo) but is shot by the local deputy. The Trego elder called Ish predicts more killings in “about eight years.” [X-Files, “Shapes”, 1994, FOX]                
May Griart, Eastern Europe – Hellboy and Kate Corrigan investigate the death of Father Kelly and the mass killings in a small village. They discover not only a pack of immortal werewolves, but their cruel master who will jot allow them to pass into the next world.  Hellboy defeats the Wolves of St. August. [Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August, 1994, Mike Mignola                 
Count Ludwig Von Sabrewulf, himself a werewolf, takes part in the Killer Instinct tournament with the promise from the UltreTech Corporation of receiving a cure for his lycanthropy should he be victorious. [Killer Instinct, 1994, arcade games by Rareware]                
 W A sleazy tabloid reporter named Larry Cochrane tracks down an old man named Dr. Pretorius to a compound in Mexico, believing him to be a Nazi war criminal who worked at Auschwitz and Dachau under the name Loew.  Pretorius is far more than that: he claims to be a five hundred year old alchemist who assisted Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Moreau, and Victor Frankenstein in their experiments. (“Moreau was killed by the beastmen who discovered he was not God; Jekyll became his own creature, and so destroyed himself; poor Victor followed his creature into the wastelands.”) Pretorius also states that reports of Jekyll’s death were quite exaggerated.  Cochrane releases some Moreau-like manimals, thinking they are prisoners of Pretorius; they destroy the compound, but Pretorius escapes. [Note: This entry was copied straight from Win’s Crossover Chronology]                 
1995 – Death of noted werewolf researcher Dr. Stephen Kaplan.  He had personally encountered two female werewolves in the late 1970s. He theorized that werewolves may be the result of a Yeti-Human crossbreed, and claimed that werewolf manifestations often skip generations so that a werewolf may appear to come from a normal family.                
Alien Morphological Being is freed after being trapped underground for 6000 years. Calling himself Ivan Ooze, he rekindles a rivalry with another alien, and is defeated by the other alien’s human protegy, who gain powers from animal totems. [POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE]                
Ivan Gandillon dies in a fire while trying to save his pack. The surviving members flee West Virginia to live with a lone werewolf in Maryland until the pack chooses a new leader. [BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE, 1997 by Annette Curtis Klause]                
A cop and a priest investigate a werewolf murderer in Yucca Valley, CA. [Howling VII–The New Moon Rising, 1995]                
The Whittelsey-Mbwun goes on a rampage through the New York Museum of Natural History and is killed. [RELIC, by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child]                 
 M A self-styled Dr. Moreau is discovered in the south seas, as seen in the film The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996).                
1996 – Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Marco become the Animorphs to combat an alien threat to Earth. [Animorphs book series No. 1-25, 1996-1999]                
A con artist trying to sell paranormal investigators info about a town plagued with werewolves runs afoul of Elena Michaels. [“Truth & Consequences”, FEB 1996, Lost Worlds, by Kelley Armstrong]                
Dr. Frock uses the Mbwun virus to turn humans into monsters beneath the streets of New York. [RELIQUARY, by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child]                 
Vampirella and the Catwoman team up to combat Shari Parker, a werecat who calls herself Pantha, and the Gotham crime boss known as the Penguin.  [Catwoman/Vampirella: The Furies, 1997, comicbook published by DC and Harris]                 
Amelia Walker, a Lucious Freeman University student in Victory AZ, is struck by a drunk driver and wakes up in intensive care. Inexplicably, she heals in a matter of days, and soon finds that she is a lycanthrope. [SILVER, 2001, by Michael S. McGowan]                
Wolfgang “Wolfie” Smith, a freeloading werewolf from Transylvania, arrives at Hillhurst Mansion, the Charterville local haunted house, where Count Fangula (a vampire), Mums (a cursed Egyptian mummy), Frankenbeans (a Frankenstein’s Monster), and Flabber (a “funtastic phasm”) already reside. As such he often plays unwilling host to the preteen superhero trio the Big Bad BeetleBorgs. [Big Bad BeetleBorgs tv series, SEP 1996 – MAR 1998]                 
Ted Harrison, an adventurous photojournalist, is transformed after being bitten by a strange beast in Nepal. After his ordeal, his sister welcomes him home, where only the family dog, Thor, recognizes the terrible significance of the man’s experience. Ted struggles to retain the last vestige of his humanity before the beast growing within him destroys his unsuspecting sister and her innocent son. As his lust for blood begins to override his sense of conscience, all that stands in his way is Thor. But the monster who was Ted might just underestimate the unshakable bond between a boy and his dog. [Bad Moon, 1996]              
Teen werewolf Vivian Gandillon is torn between her loyalty to her pack and her love for her human boyfriend Aiden in the suburbs of Maryland. [BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE, 1997 by Annette Curtis Klause]                
The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (OSIR) team investigate a series of werewolf attacks in Indiana. [PSI Factor Chronicles of the Paranormal, “The Hunter”, 1996]              
1997 – The Ghostbusters’ road trip uncovers the Jersey Devil.  [Extreme GhostBusters, “The Jersey Devil”, see Ghostbuster Omnibus timeline]                
American extreme sports buffs Andy and Brad are attacked by werewolves at a nightclub in Paris. Brad is killed, while Andy becomes a werewolf himself, aiding his girlfriend Serafine in stopping the evil werewolf gang and ridding themselves of the curse of lycanthropy.  [An American Werewolf In Paris, 1997]                 
A real estate tycoon vampire joins a werewolf in searching for the Frankenstein Monster. [House of Frankenstein, 1997]                 
Vivian’s werewolf pack is led to a new home in Pennsylvania by their new leader Gabriel. [BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE, 1997 by Annette Curtis Klause]                
Elemental gods from another dimension wage a war that carries over to the Earth. [Mortal Kombat Annihilation, 1997]                
A young woman leaves her lover for an isolated part of Scotland and transforms into a werewolf. [Wilderness, 1997]                
 M A member of the League of Anti-Diabolists observes an episode of the Jerry Springer show which features the alleged ‘Mother of a werewolf baby’. The League sends an agent to investigate and discovers that this woman was briefly married to John Lawrence Talbot and that the infant, named Luke is Talbot’s son.                
 M The child is removed from his uncaring mother and sent to live with League members Cameron and Jenny Harmon Sanchez, in New York city.                 
FBI Agents Mulder and Scully investigate several deaths in western Florida and discover a race of camoflagued “moth-men” living in the Appalachicola National Forest.[X-Files, “Detour”, 1997, FOX]                
Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer, kills a “clepto virgis”, a shape-shifting mantis woman who preys on male virgins. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Teacher’s Pet”]                 
Jon Talbain, a werewolf, battles against Felicia the cat-girl, the gun-toting nordic Baby Bonnie Hood (aka Bulletta), and numerous vampires, demons, and other monsters. [Vampire Savior, 1997, arcade game by CapCom]                
Mulder and Scully investigate a monster in Bloomington, Indiana, which is revealed to be the deformed creation of Dr. Pollidori. The doctor kills his farmer father and blames the ‘creature’, but in the end the truth is exposed, and the farmer’s own experiments, intended to produce a suitable mate for the ‘creature’, come to fruition.  [X-Files, “The Post-Modern Prometheus”, 1997, FOX]                 
Straight man Bernard becomes Buster Wilde the “Weerwolf” and hits the club scene when the moon is full. [Buster Wilde: Weerwolf, 1997, comicstrip by Scott Zellman]                 
1998 – Several Sunnydale, CA high school students, including Xander Harris, are possessed by hyena spirits.  [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “The Pack”]                 
Bay City vigilante Nightman and the shapeshifting Jonathan Chase (Manimal) team up to rescue Chase’s daughter Teresa from a man believed to be Jack the Ripper. [Nightman, “Manimal”, 1998]                
Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, lead singer for the band “Dingos Ate My Baby”, begins dating fellow Sunnydale high school student Willow Rosenberg.  Shortly thereafter he starts hanging out with Willow’s friend Buffy Summers, a Vampire Slayer. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]                
“Oz” is bitten by his baby cousin Jordy, who is a werewolf, and becomes one himself. He voluntarily has Buffy’s Watcher Rupert Giles lock him up on the nights of the full moon. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Phases”]                 
 M June- La Mirada Fla. Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived and finds himself fighting Dracula, (Lejos) and Henry Frankenstein’s monster once more. He seemingly destroys Dracula. Later he convinces his friend, Caroline Cook to impale him with silver once more putting him into his semi death. Cook buries Talbot in the grounds of her castle, hoping one day to find a cure for his condition. (See agent Jeff Rovin’s report, RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN)                
Several members of the Sunnydale, CA high school swim team are transformed into fish-men, slightly similar in appearance to the Gill-Man, after exposure to “fish steroids”. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Go Fish”]                
Countess Marya Zaleska activates the werewolfism of Wilfred Glendon III, grandson of the original Werewolf of London, and uses him as a conduit to channel the ghost of Wilfred Glendon I in a scheme to resurrect the Bride of Frankenstein.  [THE DEVIL’S BROOD and THE DEVIL’S NIGHT, by David Jacobs, direct sequels to Rovin’s RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN]            
Oz, in werewolf form, briefly battles with a human boy under the influence of a formula inspired by the “Hyde” serum.  [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Beauty and the Beasts”]               Four young college women battle vampires and several other supernatural forces as they try to join a strange sorority.  Along for a ride is a werewolf who’s still in the closet. [Vampire Time Travelers, 1998]                  
When a serial killer murders a young Indian woman in rural Los Angeles county, her sister McKenna must replace her as the keeper of an amulet, the sacred crescent possessing the spirit of the Raven. Meanwhile Rose, a jilted woman whose lover turned to McKenna, houses the spirit of the Wolf for a final showdown with the chosen one.[The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven, 1998]                
1999 – For the first time since 1614, the Vatican issues new guidelines for exorcisms in January 1999.                 
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejects an attempt to patent a technique for creating animal-human hybrids.                 
Tommy Dawkins was in the woods celebrating the start of his senior year, when he was attacked by a werewolf. He became a Werewolf and sought help from a local goth student, Merton J. Dingle.  [Big Wolf on Campus, “Pilot Episode”]                
A foreign exchange student named Carole enters Pleasantville High and vies for Tommy’s attention. Carole, a Cat Woman, is jealous of Stacey and tries to destroy her. [Big Wolf on Campus, “Cat Woman”]                
Richard Wilkins III, immortal Mayor of Sunnydale, CA, completes his Ascension into a giant snake-like monster. He is destroyed when Buffy blows up Sunnydale High. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Graduation Day Pt. 2”, 1999]                 
Oz survives the Graduation Day Slaughter of the Sunnydale High class of ’99, along with the rest of the Scooby Gang. In the fall he attends UCLA Sunnydale. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]   Merton became friends with a new girl in Pleasantville, who turns out to be a werewolf slayer. While Merton was dealing with that problem, Tommy searches to destroy a soulsucker who sucks souls as a door-to-door encyclopaedia salesman. [Big Wolf on Campus, “Muffy the Werewolf Slayer”]                
Tara Talbot, the “Wolf Girl” in a traveling freak show, recieves treatments that make her more human in appearance, but much more lupine in abilities and attitude.  As a result of the cumulative side-effects, she is transformed into a beautiful girl that kills with her bare teeth and runs naked in the wilderness around Visaria (location is conjectural). [Wolf Girl (aka Blood Moon), 2001, USA Network]                
October – Bailey Downs sisters Ginger and Brigitte are ostracized by their town because of their morbid inclinations. Soon after being attacked by a wolf, Ginger begins to exhibit strange nocturnal behavior. Now Brigitte must decide whether to save herself or join Ginger in otherworldly doings.  [Ginger Snaps, 2001]                 
After encounter with Veruca, a female werewolf, Oz flees Sunnydale in search of a way to cure, or at least control, his werewolfism.  He eventually finds it in Tibet.  [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Wild At Heart”]                
A lycanthrope expert named Flugelhoff visits Pleasantville to help cure Tommy. But Merton and Tommy discover Flugelhoff is trying to take the werewolf DNA to create an army of werewolves to take over the world. [Big Wolf on Campus, “Flugelhoff”]                
Mr. Dunleavy, a new substitute teacher at Pleasantville High, turns out to be in the werewolf who bit Tommy. Tommy befriends him, though Merton realizes Mr. Dunleavy is evil.  [Big Wolf on Campus, “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”]                 
 W – The revived Larry Talbot, searching for a cure to his lycanthropy, has attempted to track down the descendants of Dr. Wilfred Glendon, but to no avail. However, Talbot has learned that the rare Maraphasia Lupina, one of the only known cures, can be found at a laboratory secreted deep in the Amazon. Talbot hires Captain Lucas, Jr., captain of the Rita II, to take him up Amazon in search of the cure. Dr. Yogami is also mentioned. [THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON VS. THE WOLF MAN, Scary Monsters Magazine #53, Dennis Druktenis Publishing, January 2005, by “Professor Anton Griffin”] (researched by Win Eckert for the Wold Newton Universe Crossover Chronology)                 
2000 – Oz returns to Sunnydale after learning to control his wolf-spirit in Tibet, and finds Willow is involved another girl, Tara. He loses control and is capured by the Initiative. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “New Moon Rising”]                
FBI agents John Doggett and Dana Scully encounter a man-bat. [The X-Files, “Patience”, 2000, FOX]. This creature is possibly related to the Bat-Boy, discovered in a West Virginia Cave, who’s history has been chronicled by the Weekly World News.                 
Amelia Walker, a werewolf with full control of her lupine form, leaves Victory AZ to stay with her brother in Chicago after becoming involved in several layers of corruption permeating her city following the murder of her friend Lorraine. [SILVER, 2001, by Michael S. McGowan]    M Utilizing the technology of the Moreau copycat discovered in 1995, the United States government initiates Project: Manticore with the intent of creating super-soldiers through the splicing of human and animal DNA.  [Dark Angel TV series]                 
The Evil Werewolf Syndicate wants Tommy to join, whether he likes it or not. [Big Wolf on Campus, “The Girl Who Spied Wolf”]                
A man joins the police department thanks to animal enhancements he unknowingly received after an accident. [The Animal, 2000]                 
Fourth-grader Norman Gnormal, who behaves a lot like a dog, finds his first real friends when the principal signs him up for the Werewolf Club at Watson Elementary School, led by his teacher Mr. Lawrence Talbot. [THE WEREWOLF CLUB: THE MAGIC PRETZEL, 2000, Daniel M Pinkwater; For a list of all of Pinkwater’s books in chronological order, visit the P-Zone]        Archaeologist “Jackie Chan” begins traveling the globe in an attempt to gather twelve sacred animal totems (“talismans”) before the sorcerous dragon Shendu. [The Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon series]                
While searching for “The Key”, earthbound Hell-God Glorificus creates a man/serpent creature using the magic of the ancient Sobekites of Egypt. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Shadow”, 2000]                 
Special Weapons Division of the British Military sends a unit led by Capt. Ryan to capture a werewolf on Scotland, by using a platoon on a training excersize as live bait. Both units are ambushed by a family of werewolves.  [Dog Soldiers, 2001]                 
Werewolf Club members Ralf Alfa, Billy Furball, Lucy Fang, and Norman Gnormal they wreak havoc on a local restaurant they call “The Lunchroom of Doom.” Tomato catsup squirts. Paper straws fly. Laughts and weird things abund.  [THE WEREWOLF CLUB: THE LUNCHROOM OF DOOM, 2000, Daniel M Pinkwater; For a list of all of Pinkwater’s books in chronological order, visit the P-Zone]                
2001- Henry Count Dorkula, a “fruitpire” (appearently a were-bat that lives off fruit and cannot tolerate a “steak on the heart”) joins the Watson Elementary School Werewolf Club. [THE WEREWOLF CLUB MEETS COUNT DORKULA, 2001, Daniel M Pinkwater; For a list of all of Pinkwater’s books in chronological order, visit the P-Zone]                 
John Doggett and Fox Mulder encounter a scientist, Herman Stytes, who is using a formula to transform himself into a reptile-man. [The X-Files, “Alone”]                 
After a stop at the Local Yokel Diner to eat jitterbugs, the Werewolf Club is off to Basketball Hall, the ancestral home of their teacher Mr. Talbot’s uncle, Hugo Basketball. Generations of Basketballs have been cursed by their servants, the peculiar Barrymores, (it’s so hard to get good help) not to mention by the monstrous Hound of the Basketballs. [THE WEREWOLF CLUB MEETS THE HOUND OF THE BASKETBALLS, 2001, Daniel M Pinkwater; For a list of all of Pinkwater’s books in chronological order, visit the P-Zone]                 
Mr. Talbot takes the Werewolf Club to London in Uncle H. G. Talbot’s unreliable time-and-space machine, and they’ve arrived in 1890 London — where it might be a tad difficult to buy the 212 double-A batteries they need for the machine to get them home. Following their adventure with Oliver Twit, Sherlock Holmes and Queen Victoria they are retrieved through the aid of Mr. Talbot’s mother, in her own time-and-space machine. [THE WEREWOLF CLUB MEETS OLVER TWIT, 2001, Daniel M Pinkwater; For a list of all of Pinkwater’s books in chronological order, visit the P-Zone]                
Genetically created mutants organize as Mutant X under Adam Kane to combat the government org Genomex that created them and now wants them dead.  Among their ranks is a feral female named Shalomar. [Mutant X episode #101, “The Shock of the New”, 2001]    Detectives Nick O’Malley and Kate Benson, of Chicago’s monster-hunting division known as Special Unit 2, deal with a pack of werewolves roaming the city. [Special Unit 2, “The Pack”]   Seattle cop John Kanin discovers a town full of werewolves in Wolf Lake, Washington while looking for his werewolf girlfriend. [Wolf Lake TV series]                 
Mutant X member Shalomar is assugned to help Donna Morse, another feral mutant, who is killed by Genomex. [Mutant X episode #4, “Fool For Love”, 2001]                 
A teenager bitten by kryptonite-infected insects becomes a bug boy. [Smallville, “Metamorphosis”]                
Dana Scully and John Doggett encounter another bug-boy in New Jersey. [The X-Files, “Lord of the Flies”]                
2002 – A common enemy starts killing both the Corvinus werewolves and vampires of Budapest, using weapons created by an arms dealer for both sides to use against each other. [Underworld: Blood Enemy, 2004, by Greg Cox]                 
“A serial killer stalking women in Los Angeles is cursed by a hunger he cannot define, but changes he cannot explain, by the incessant howling he hears every night…” Three strangers united by this werewolf’s attack go on to defeat it at a wax museum. Later, survivors Ellie Hudson and Jimmy Myers, along with actor Scott Baio and drug dealer Edgar Frog, strongly object to a proposed film about the events. As a result, “Cursed”, directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, barely resembles the story it is based on when released in 2005. Bitmap                 
In Budapest, Hungary, a pack of werewolves (“Lycans”), led by Lucian, succeeds in creating a werewolf/vampire hybrid from an American named Michael Corvin, amidst a war between the shapeshifters and the nosferatu, both of Corvinus lineage. The Lycans’ leaders, as well as two of the three vampire Elders, perish in the battle.  [Underworld, 2003]                 
Shalomar and the rest of Mutant X encounter a werewolf named Nathaniel, a feral who was acquired from Genomex for Project 318 — a secret experiment that is an offshoot of the space program, where he and another feral named Michael were infected with a lycanthropy virus. Shalomar is bitten, giving her the virus, but receives a cure after defeating Michael. [Mutant X episode #204, “Whose Woods These Are”, 2002]                
“Clark Kent” meets Kyla and her grandfather Joseph, who are potentially werewolves whose powers appear to hail from the exposure of ancient Native Americans to meteorites. [Smallville “Skinwalkers”, aired NOV 2002]                
 W – A mad scientist, Dr. Zarno, revives Count Dracula, who was last seen defeated and staked by the Frankenstein Monster in Brighton, England. Zarno takes Dracula to Daphne Frankenstein’s castle in Krausburg, Germany, where the Lord of the Vampires has a final confrontation with Frankenstein’s Creature and John Stewart, the werewolf. [FRANKENSTEIN AND THE EVIL OF DRACULA, 2004, by Donald F. Glut] (researched by Win Eckert for his Wold Newton Universe chronology)                 
2003 – According to the Weekly World News, Bat Boy joins the United States Military to lend his abilities to the war in Iraq.                 
March – After relocating to LA from Washington, DC, monster-hunting detective Cal McDonald is briefly infected with lycanthropy, although the curse is eventually removed by a demon. [GUNS, DRUGS, & MONSTERS, 2003, by Steve Niles]                 
 – A mixture of investigation and dramatization, AMC special “Fang Versus Fiction: The Real Underworld of Vampires and Werewolves” features commentary from scientists, sociologists, weapons experts, and self-described vampires and werewolves. The hour-long show also explores the myths and realities of vampirism, lycanthropy, and shapeshifting; and presents an exclusive preview of upcoming movie Underworld. [FANG VS. FICTION, 9/17/2003, 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, AMC]                  
 – The heroic vampire Angel slays a werewolf of the Lycanthropus Exterus variety, and rescues Nina (a newly created werewolf) from being eaten alive by humans with a taste for the supernatural.  [Angel, “Unleashed”]                 
 – Richard Daninsky, last of the Daninsky line, is tricked into ressurecting his ancestor the werewolf Count Waldemar. Richard and others are killed before the beast and the witch controlling him are destroyed, leaving an unrelated girl named Leslie to carry on the curse. [Tomb of the Werewolf, 2003]                
2004 – The vampire Angel (after being transformed into a puppet) is mauled by Nina, a werewolf he keeps locked up on the nights of the full moon. [Angel, “Smile Time”]                 
 – According to the Weekly World News, Bat Boy lead the US Troops to Saddam Hussein’s hole.                 
 – LOS ANGELOS – The vampire Angel sends his girlfriend Mina (a werewolf) and her family away, to protect them from the coming show-down between him and the Circle of Black Thorns. [Angel episode #110 “Not Fade Away” (series finale), 19 MAY 2004]                 
 – NEW ORLEANS—The werewolf who died while attacking a young woman Sunday (16 MAY 2004) must have been allergic to peanuts, experts said. “The wolfman crashed through the intended victim’s front window, but before the accursed beast could tear her apart in a savage fury, he stepped in a bowl of honey-roasted peanuts,” said Dr. Alex Price, professor of lycanthropic studies at Tulane University.  Price contends that the werewolf collapsed into an anaphylactic attack and died. [See The Onion | America’s Finest News Source for 19 May 2004 for the full story]                
 – An amature film crew journeys to South Africa to make a documentary about the legend of the Half-Caste, a supposed leopard man monster.  Amidst personal friction they are attacked, and all are either killed or become half-caste themselves. [Half-Caste, 2004]            – Patience Phillips becomes the next Catwoman when she is killed to conceal a deadly secret regarding a new cosmetics product. As a catwoman she avenges herself and defeats a cosmetically created super-soldier zombie. [CATWOMAN, 2004]                 
 – Three San Francisco-based sister witches (Piper, Phoebe, and Paige Halliwell) become wolf-like beasts during the Blue Moon, and attack their guardian Whitelighter while under the influence. [“Once in a Blue Moon”, Charmed episode 140, Original Air Date: October 17th, 2004, WB Network]                 
 W – The Magdalena, Sara Pezzini (“Witchblade”), the Darkness, and Lara Croft vs. Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolf-Men, and various other monsters. (of significance is the battle between Dracula and the Invisible man, which takes place in a pub called the Slaughtered Lamb) [MONSTER WAR #1-4, 2005 Top Cow Comics mini-series by Christopher Golden, Ton Sniegoski, and Joyce Chin] (researched by Win Eckert for his Wold Newton Universe chronology)                
2005 – Estranged siblings Ellie and Jimmy are attacked by a beast in LA and discover they are now “cursed”.  Together they fight other werewolves to end their curse. [Cursed, 2005] (please consider the 2002 entry on this movie as a possible alternative to the events in the film) Bitmap                
 – Frank, a carefree guy in Bangkok who spends most of his day collecting garbages for money, is bitten by a werewolf and survives. Since that day, whenever the half moon comes up in the night sky, Frank turns into a werewolf, but in a different kind of werewolf that’s so adorable. [Werewolf in Bangkok, 2005]                 
 – The Ghouligans, new neighbors trying to fit in, include Boris, Varnay, Lloyd, and Wolfgang (a werewolf). [Ghouligans unaired TV Pilot, created 2005 by the SlackPack] (as researched by William Redd)