Find Your Type (Quizz)

Score a point for all yes answers:

Do you prefer the night?

Do you bite?

Do you bite frequently?

Do you drink blood?

Is blood your major staple?

Do you go a little crazy went you get some blood on your hands?

Do you like the sight of blood?

Do you have a strong lust reaction and start to salivate at the sight of blood

Were you personal friends with Lief Erickson, Napoleon, or Genghis Kahn

Does garlic bother you in any way?

Do you like steak tartar ?

Do you go into withdrawal pains or suffer in any way when you don’t get
enough blood during the day/week/month?

Were you born over a hundred and twenty years ago?

Do you sleep in a coffin or other enclosed space?

Do you go to horror films for the comic element?

Do you leave horror films frequently starving

Can you smell blood from a block away?

Do you have superhuman powers?

Can you take on a martial arts master?

Do you have noticeable fangs?

Does the sight of a holy man with a religious symbol turn you?

Do you take “life energy” from people?

Have you ever killed small rodents, insects, or cute little Chip or Dale for their blood?

Do you pretend to be reluctant/sympathetic over some bad habit you keep repeating?

Has a vampire ever bit you?

Have you ever tasted the blood of a vampire?

Have you ever been close friends with any of the undead?

Giving a choice between dying or becoming undead (Firefly’s question), did you pick becoming undead?

Do you believe in vampires?

Have you ever met a vampire?

Do you not reflect?

Are you immortal?

Is blood or taking blood one of your biggest priorities?

Have you ever tried/considered/accomplished robbing a blood bank?

Do your friends think you’re a vampire?

Do you have those hypnotic eyes that nobody can resist?

Is your favorite color red

Do you like neck nibbling?

Do you avoid the daylight?

Do you avoid holy water?

Do you giggle at funerals?

Do your eyes turn bizarre colors during feeding time?

Do you dislike maniacs chasing you with wooden stakes?

Did you survive the black plague?

Would you survive a few bullet wounds in vital organs?

In the midst of overwhelming different interpretations, when someone mentions the word “vampire”, do you have a precise image of what this is come to your mind?

Has anybody ever called you a pain in the neck?

Do you like the taste of blood?

Is there nothing in the universe that tastes better than blood?

Do you stay up all night? (no fair if you’re a student, but okay)
66.) Do you sleep most (or all) the day?

Do you make long term financial investments?

Do you visit a grave yard more than once a week?

Do you like to leave your mark on people?

Do you like to sit in the front row around a boxing ring?

Does the man in the mortuary pay you under the counter?

Does it take more than coffee to wake you up sometimes?

When you do wake up, do you often feel like you’ve risen from the dead?

Do people often say this to your face?

Do you secretly watch daredevils and hope for the worse?

Can you run the hundred meters faster than 8 seconds?

Do you read any vampire fanzines?

Do you have more than 10 vampire books?

Do you have around 50 or more vampire books?

Have you read all your vampire books?

Do you belong to a vampyres electronic mailing list?

Have you seen over 20 vampire movies?

When you do see a vampire movie, do you route for the vampire?

Does it piss you off when the humans always win?

Do you have a favorite blood type?

Did you participate in the California Gold Rush?

Do you carry home soil with you everywhere?

Have you ever been buried?

Are people cattle (opinion type of question) ?

Do you often think your victims deserve what they get?

Do you identify with the hungry hunter?

Are you a car mechanic or politician?

Do you frequently get blood stains on your clothes?

Have you ever publicly admitted you’d become a vampire under certain conditions?