Find Your Type (Quizz)

Scoring results

0-12: Let’s face it. You’re probably not a vampire. But I’m wary of people in this category. Vampirism may be disparate from their own personality, but because of this, it may be a form of a forbidden fruit for them. These people are the most inclined to increase their scores rapidly given the right circumstances.

13-33: You’re most likely human. While you have less personality traits in common with the vampire, people in this group might like certain aspects of vamprism as opposed to others. Like, they’d like the immortality, but hate hurting people; or, they’d like hurting people, but would fear getting bored doing it.

34-50: You’re still most likely human. But here we start to see people with more and more characteristics of the vampire. Some people in this group would be willing to join the undead given the right circumstances. Others may only now be realizing exactly how much they have in common with the vampire. Still others just love blood a lot.

51-59: If you’re mortal and you know a vampire you may not stay mortal much longer. Part of the probability does refer to the future as well, with this in mind, most members of this group are likely to be human, or if they’re a vampire, they’re probably a newly turned one.

60-74: . If you’re mortal and you got this score, quickly check your results on the    Vampire Vulnerability Test.

75 and up: You are what you are. And you are a Vampire.