Gabara is a oni-like kaiju that first appeared in the 1969 film All Monsters Attack.


Gabara is similar to an ogre or troll, with a turquoise, warty hide. On top of his head is a mane of scruffy orange fur with a series of horns protruding from it. His facial features are vaguely feline, and his roar sounds like a crazed, throaty warble. 


  • Height:     58 metres
  • Weight:     23,000 tons 

Special weapons

Gabara has the power to project electric bolts through physical contact from his ‘power horn’, and used this ability to electrocute Minya, and later, Godzilla. Promotional photos for All Monsters Attack also depict Gabara shooting lightning bolts from his hands, though this ability was never depicted in the film. 


In the context of the film, Gabara is a resident of Inchiro’s imaginary Monster Island, and a constant tormentor to the much smaller Minilla, inspired by Inchiro’s own real life problems with bullies around his neighborhood. After receiving combat training from his father Godzilla, and extra assistance from the human protagonist, Minilla does successfully challenge the bully. Finally, Gabara was confronted by Godzilla himself, given a sound thrashing, and sent to lick his wounds deep in the jungles of Monster Island.

The character did not make any further appearances in Godzilla films, but the name and costume were reused in the second episode of Yuke! Godman and the following year in the fourteenth episode of the short Kyodai Hero television series Ike! Greenman. However the Godman and Greenman shows were not linked to any sort of continuity with the various Toho films. 

Film appearances

  • All Monsters Attack (1969)
  • Go! Greenman Episode 14 Greenman vs. Gabara (1973)