Ghost Hunting Rules


  • Research the location. If you are going ghost hunting after dark, you should check it out during daylight hours. Make note of any dangers such as holes, broken glass, loose boards etc. Verify location, accessibility, safety, and related issues ahead of time. Check each site during daytime hours to identify parking, paths, and hazards.
  • Interview any potential witnesses. If possible, try to talk to anyone who has experienced paranormal activity in the location where you will be investigating.
  • Get permission before going onto private property or to be in a cemetery after hours.
  • Remember, you have more to fear from the living than from the dead. Haunted sites are often isolated and deserted. That makes these sites attractive to people engaged in illegal activities. Use caution and common sens.
  • Reschedule your ghost hunt if it is going to snow, rain, or if it is foggy. Also check the pollen count. Moisture and pollen can cause anomalies in photos.
  • Always arrive before dark, this always you to do a walk through of the area prior to an investigation and note any obstructions.  This will prevent you from tripping on rocks, tipped over headstones, holes, and obstructions getting hurt. Carry a working flashlight, even during daytime ghost hunts.
  • Never go ghost hunting alone.


  • Always check all equipment before going on an investigation to make sure it is in proper working order and all batteries are fully charged.  The equipment should be rechecked when getting to the investigation site.
  • Never bring personal firearms or weapons on a ghost hunt. Ghosts are not harmful but you may harm yourself or your buddy.
  • Have extra batteries and make sure all equipment is fully charged. Ghosts or spirits are known to suck energy.
  • Always carry an id to show in case you are caught by authorities (that may avoid you to spend the night in jail).
  • Carry walkie talkies or cell phones and make sure somebody know where you will be.
  • Don’t use drugs or alcohol before or during an investigation or hunt.
  • Wear clothing suited for the weather and always wear comfortable shoes.
  • Say a prayer of protection at the beginning of an investigation or hunt.
  • If you have a large group break up into pairs or smaller groups.
  • The most important tip of all, always respect the dead. If you feel uncomfortable, leave!


  • Say a closing prayer of protection according to your religious beliefs. We usually say something like "In the name of God we command you stay here. Do not follow us"
  • Take extensive notes of your investigation: timeline, track, records, unusual events
  • Be objective of your findings. Rule out any natural causes that may have caused anomalies such as insects, lights in the distance, spider webs, reflections.
  • Analyse your material: pictures, EVP, … It may take several hours, much more than the site investigation but ghosts are elusive and you have to be resilient!