How to consult a medium

Contrary to popular belief, mediums and psychics are not machines which can be randomly turned on and off. Many subtle factors are involved in the channeling of information. Sometimes, everything falls very nicely into place and a strong communicative link is established.

At other times, this may not be the case. The failure to establish or maintain a strong link with Spirit may have nothing to do with either the medium or the sitter; so, we must never judge any sensitive’s work based upon one sitting.

The question is: how can you determine whether you should visit a particular medium or psychic. Here are some helpful hints:

  • First and foremost: know whether you wish to sit with a medium or a psychic. Each works on a different level and offers a different type of information. A medium offers communication from Spirit; a psychic attunes to and interprets the energies from the sitter.
  • If a sensitive promises you the world, be careful.
  • If a sensitive charges an unreasonably high fee, then you can be pretty well assured that his or her primary motive for doing the work is financial. Of course, the service offered by a good medium or psychic is invaluable, and you should expect to pay a reasonable rate for his or her time; but, outlandish fees should be avoided. Use good judgment here.
  • Be careful when a medium says that he or she will promise communication from particular spirit loved ones. No one can make that guarantee. If conditions are right, and if that particular medium is suitable for your loved-ones to link with, then, very likely, you will get what you hope to receive. This is determined at the time of the sitting, not prior. So, be cautious of guarantees made in this work.
  • Be cautious of sensitives who charge per question or per communicator. In our opinion, this is too much like grocery shopping and not the way in which sittings should be conducted.
  • During a sitting, be discerning when it comes to predictions. It is true that what we shall do tomorrow is being planned, spiritually, today, and the energy of those plans are within the aura; but, nothing of the future is etched in stone. Always use your good judgment concerning the future.
  • Understand why it is that the Spirit loved-ones wish to communicate through a medium. Is it to tell us about career, romance, and finances? No. That is not their job. Spirit comes, first, to let us know that they are OK and that there is life after death; then, to guide and inspire us. Spirit does not come to live our lives or to make decisions which we should be making. The same applies to psychics. Do not turn over the responsibility of your life into the hands of another.
  • Be very careful of sensitives who ask personal questions, either before or during your sitting. Very often, they fish for information and return that information, either as a message from Spirit or as part of the psychic reading. No medium or sensitive needs to know anything about you, except your name (even this is not really required). If he or she asks for additional information, do not offer it. You do not have to provide your date of birth or anything of that nature beforehand. The only question which a sensitive should ask, during a sitting, is whether or not you understand or can accept a piece of information given to you; then, answer only YES or NO; do not give any additional information.
  • The time you spend with a psychic or medium is YOUR time. If ever you are told that you cannot tape record a sitting or reading, stay clear!
  • Finally, please avoid those dreadful psychic hot lines, which, thankfully, in the United States, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Trust us on this one: for $240 an hour, you are NOT making any kind of a friend.

This may all seem like a lot of warnings. But, today, we are inundated with countless mediums and psychics who make outlandish claims, charge even more outlandish fees for their services, and promise people the world.

There are many very good, ethical, fair, and honest mediums and psychics, and the service which they can render to the seeking soul is, truly, priceless; but you have to know what to look out for. Use this information as a guideline in your quest and you will find what you need.