Human/Grey hybrids


Height is six to seven feet; skin color is pale white/grey. The head is slightly larger and rounder than normal. Arms, legs and torso are thin. Eyes are larger than humans, in the range of human eye colors. The face is very fine featured and attractive. Method of communication is telepathic. Their intellectual capacity is well above human standards.


The result of selective breeding between Grey extra terrestrials and humans. The Greys remove ova and sperm from humans and combine Grey DNA with the DNA from these human samples to create the Hybrids. The reason why Hybrids are created by the Greys vary among researchers: to create a ‘superior race’-combing the best aspects of human and Grey traits, to save the Greys from extermination due to excessive use of cloning, or to save us by transplanting the human species to far-away planets because our society is on a path toward self-destruction.