Vampires do not age, except on some occasions when they have been deprived of blood for extended periods of time. However, the vampire will be rejuvenated when as soon as he gets fresh blood supply.

Most of the vampire’s powers increase over the centuries with age and experience.  These centuries-spanning creatures may eventually become Vampire Regents or Elders, who are capable of even greater feats than the common vampire.

Dracula is considered as the Master of all Vampires but it is unsure if he was the first vampire on Earth.

If you were given the option to live forever in exchange for becoming a bloodthirsty creature of the night, would you do it?

On the right side, you could roam the planet, decade after decade, century after century, watching humanity evolve right before your very acute preternatural eyes. You could travel the world, indulge in the arts, live a sumptuous lifestyle, and get anything you ever dreamed of.

However, the inevitable boredom of too much of a thing too long, the loneliness that comes with being an immortal, coupled with the reality that you must kill human beings around you to survive are downsides that must be taken into account.

Both in literature and film, the aspect of vampires as lonely creatures is often emphasized, usually playing upon the fact that century upon century of stalking and hiding in the shadows slowly breeds a measure of insanity.

As some vampires do, Anne Rice’s preternaturals have the ability to disappear for centuries at a time, burying themselves for a prolonged rest until which time they reawaken and reassert their immortality.

In the Underworld films, the vampire elders “leapfrog through time,” one ruling their coven a century at a time while the others sleep in a mummified state until reanimated via blood transfusions.

There’s a strong logic in those clever processes, as not only are the vampires re-energized by their extended nap, but once oriented to their current era, they’re able to function — in most cases — with few hints of psychological impairment.