Werewolf Incantations

Ritual #7 (Luciferian)

 As with the Averse calling of Cain, utilize the chants when you are inspired. In the Yatuk Dinoih (Second Edition) the Staota Wulalffa summons the visualized form of the Wolf to a shape you shall take by dreams.

Nema, Live morf reviled tub. Noitatpmet otni ton su
dael dna su tsniaga ssapsert that meht evigrof ew sa,
sessapsert ruo su evigrof dna. Daerd yliad ruo yad
siht su evig. Nevaeh ni ti sa htrae ni enod eb lliw yht.
Emoc modgnik yht. Eman yht ed dewollah, neveah
ni tra hcihw rehtaf ruo.

The Chant of Becoming a Werewolf

Under the gleam of the Moon, be it full or dark
I stand in the Crossroads of Cain
Under the Horns of the Adversary and Beast Lord
As the Gray Shadow which ensorcels my being
As with who drinks water from the prints of the Wolf
To he who has taken the Wolf belt of the Devil
By Satanadar I summon thee, By the Devil I become
I shall become the Werewolf, Man and Beast…
To go forth this night to Feast
None shall capture my gray form
By the Binding Words, Nasatanda…
So it is done!