Is Bigfoot Dangerous ?

Over the last two centuries, there have been thousands of people that have claimed to see a giant hairy beast lurking in the wild forests of the world and on the highest mountains from North America to Australia and Asia. All these places have reported sightings or found tracks of this mysterious animal. Over the decades these claims have been the roots of many legends.

This phantom creature has been known by many names, Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Almaty, and many more. The lure of the unknown has led many scholars and adventurers to the trail of Bigfoot.

Whether a real creature is responsible for the many eyewitness reports of giant hairy bipeds across the world has not been established, and that may remain the case for many years.

Over the years the creature has been examined and exploited in many ways from in-depth magazine essays to television shows and serious scientific inquiries. Through it all one question still remains.

Does such an animal exist and remains undiscovered by modern science or is Bigfoot a hoax of gargantuan proportions that has continued for hundreds of years?.