King Caesar

King Caesar is a bipedal hybrid kaiju who first appeared in the 1974 Toho Showa film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.


King Caesar is a lion god from Japanese mythology who serves as protector of the Azumi royal family of Okinawa and remains asleep in a cliffside near a sacred temple. He can be awakened by reflecting the rising sun’s rays from the eye of an ancient statue onto the cliffside where he sleeps.    


Caesar’s appearance was inspired by the Shisa, a Chinese beast that looks like a combination between a dog and a lion.


  • Height 50 meters   
  • Weight  33,000 tons

Special weapons

Brute strength, energy reflection eyes, jump kick, fangs, claws


In Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, King Caesar was the guardian of the Azumi family. He could be awakened by fulfilling a prophecy and an ancient song. The Black Hole Aliens knew about Caesar and that it would awaken to prevent them from attempting world domination. When their Mechagodzilla was repaired after being damaged, the aliens sent the cyborg to conquer the Earth once more. King Caesar was awakened and he confronted the robot.

At the beginning, Caesar was able to successfully fight back by absorbing the cyborg’s eye beams through his own eyes and then reflecting the projectiles back at his adversary. However, Mechagodzilla was too strong even for the guardian and almost defeated Caesar. However, Godzilla arrived to aid King Caesar. Still, Mechagodzilla was more powerful than both of them and horribly outmatched the duo. Godzilla gained a magnetic attraction ability during the fight and used it to pull Mechagodzilla towards him.

Godzilla held his robotic clone in place, allowing Caesar to ram the giant robot repeatedly. Godzilla finished off the machine by ripping off its head, and fell into the sea when Mechagodzilla’s body exploded. King Caesar then returned to the rock formation from where he emerged. The alien base built into the mountain then self-destructed, sealing the entry and allowing King Caesar to rest peacefully until he would be needed again. In Godzilla: Final Wars, King Caesar and many other monsters are mind-controlled by the Xiliens who release the monsters to destroy the cities. King Caesar, Anguirus and Rodan are teamed up and released on Mt. Fuji to battle Godzilla. He successfully defeats all three monsters. He, Anguirus, and Rodan were the only monsters Godzilla did not kill.

Film Appearances

  •     Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
  •     Terror of Mechagodzilla (Stock Footage)
  •     Godzilla Final Wars