Millennium series (1999–2004)

The Godzilla from Godzilla: Final Wars is the last Godzilla film as of 2004; Toho has decided to retire the franchise for a period of 5-10 years to renew interest in the future, possibly returning with a new film in 2014 or 2013 as Godzilla’s 60th Anniversary.

Decades before the main story starts, an older past Godzilla was buried in ice at the South Pole by the Earth Defense Force’s aerial battle ship Gotengo. When the Xilians, an alien race, used many of Earth’s own monsters in attempts to conquer it, the EDF would have to be forced to free Godzilla from the ice to fight for mankind.

This Godzilla was lured towards the Xilians’ mothership in Tokyo while he fought the Xilians’ monsters along the way, defeating/destroying each one in his path including Gigan, Zilla, Kumonga, Kamacuras, Rodan, King Caesar, Anguirus (which along with Rodan and King Caesar is ironically spared because of them being fan favorites and being Godzilla’s closest allies (except King Caesar) that Toho didn’t have it in the budget to destroy the costumes as originally planned), Ebirah and Hedorah.