List of DUMBS


Alien Bases would exist in the four corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada.  Six bases were described in the 1972 papers, all on Indian reservations and all in the four corners area.


Area 51 Groom Lake, S4 Papoose Dry Lake, Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range, Blue Diamond, Quartzite Mountain, and Tonopah

New Mexico

Dulce, Datil, Sunspot, Pie Town, Corona, Taos Pueblo, and Albuquerque (Kirtland Air Force Base)


Paradox, the Santa Catalina Mountains. Black helicopters have been sighted around Boynton and Secret Canyon Sedona.


Delta, Grand Mesa, and Colorado Springs




Mt Ranier

Researchers of this base have stated that the icecaps that surround Mt Ranier have lots of corridors and caves that exist beneath the ice. In August of 1970, scientists climbed to the top of Mt. Ranier, and entered these caverns and tunnels. Evidence was found indicating that a small lake exists deep beneath the ice cap. It is possible that one could find a way to get beneath Mt. Ranier through these tunnels.


Just north of Batesville in northern Arkansas, explorers found a tunnel illuminated by a greenish phosphorescence where they met a race of beings who stood 7 to 8 feet tall and had bluish skin. The beings, who have advanced technology, told the explorers they are the direct descendents of Noah.  The Cherokee Indians also tell of this same race of blue men .

According to the Cherokee they inhabited the areas of Kentucky as well. When the Cherokee came into that area, they killed these blue skinned men off.


Needles, Edwards AFB, Llano, Tehachapi Mountains, Ft. Irwin, Norton AFB, and Morongo Valley.

Death Valley
Local Indian legends speak of a tunnel that runs beneath the desert. The entrance to the Death Valley Tunnel is in the Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the range near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an old abandoned shaft. The book “Death Valley Men,” tells the story of 3 people who are supposed to have found an underground city connected with this tunnel, and who actually took treasures from it.

Mt. Shasta
There are tunnels beneath Mt. Shasta that lead to a UFO base there, as well as tunnels that connect with the vast world-wide tunnel network. The Lemurian city “Telos” is said to exist beneath Mt. Shasta.

William Hamilton has done much research on Mt. Shasta and the tunnels. He has privately published a book entitled “Alien Magic”.


Brown Mountain

Brown Mountain is in North Carolina near Morganton. Morganton is “about 15 miles north of an actual highway marker which has been posted by the state providing any visitor the best view” of Brown Mountain.

Brown Mountain is an area in which many strange lights have been seen. There are entrances that lead inside the mountain to an isolated alien base.

The Nahanni Valley

This covers 250 square miles in the southern end of the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada. It lies almost 550 miles due west of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie River of northwest Canada. Hot springs and sulfur geysers keep the valley warmer than the surrounding areas by about 30 degrees year -round, making it perpetually mist-covered.

This valley is inhabited only by animals as people entering the valley are usually found headless and quite dead. The Indian tribes of the area avoid this valley. This valley is often referred to as “the Valley of the Headless Men”.

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario “Lights” Orange-colored spheres have been seen coming out of/diving into Lake Ontario. The area of highest activity is between Oakville and Toronto. There may be a connection to to subterranean city an the Lakeview Hydro-electric plant, as many of these UFOs have been seen heading in that direction.