After being badly injured in a duel with Godzilla in 1991, King Ghidora is imported into the future and improved with mechanized parts. It is controlled by a human pilot from the cockpit bubble in the center of its chest plate, whose sole desire is to thwart Godzilla. But the future cannot be change and the cyborg was eventually destroyed by the big lizzard along with his human master.


  • Height: 150 meters
  • Wingspan: 175 meters (574 ft)
  • Weight: 88,000 tons  


Laser triple beam from mechanical head, simultaneous gravity beams from its two organic heads, anti-gravity flight at Mach 4, Godzilla capture cables with "machine hand" or "Godzilla grip," body armor.

Movie appearance

Godzilla vs King Ghidora (1991)