Aka : Melusine, Serpentine

Race : Dragoness, Fea, Water nymph

Origin : France, Germany, Switzerland

Melusina is a famous nymph that married the heir of the Lusignan family in France and gave birth to eight children with animal marks on their bodies.

Description:  Because of a curse placed upon her mother, Melusine is born to become half woman, half serpent on Saturday. The rest of the week, she can live as a normal human but has to conceal from any sights when taking her bath on saturday. When she left the castle of Lusignan, she was portrayed as a dragon with four heavily clawed legs, bat-like wings, doted serpent tail and a monstrous head.

She met  a husband who swears not to gaze upon her when she is locked in her bathing chamber. Eventually, he does sneak a peek, and sees her, as she steps into her bath, transformed into a hideous creature with a huge fish’s tail. Melusine then escaped flying from the bathroom and never came back to Lusignan.

Element : Water