Modern possession

Some believe that the majority, and perhaps all, of the senseless crimes of violence, torture, perversion and hatred committed in the modern world can be attributed to the actions of possessing demons who have succeed in their efforts to tempt human beings to sins of evil, and having gained control over sinners by this means, are then free to use them as instruments to commit even greater works of evil

The late-afternoon TV talk shows and tabloids, as well as the legitimate press, provide multitudes of case studies which document the classic symptoms of demon possession singly and in various combinations and degrees of intensities.

This affirmation can be supported by the many interviews of serial-killers and other criminals that attribute their sins to some alien evil.

Ted Bundy was featured in a February 1996 A & E cable broadcast of the program Biography moderated by Jack Perkins. The program said this about an outside force which contributed to Bundy’s crimes:

Now again, he would never admit that he “heard voices,” because he knew that was insane. But, he would describe someone as “another Ted”. This other Ted would start talking to him in this growling voice and point out that this woman thinks you could never have her. ‘Look at her walking by. What is she thinking about you …’ And work him up into this hatred where then he would start this process of stalking …”