Abduction hard facts

Reproduction Sperm is supposedly tapped from men, and numerous female abductees believe they have been artificially inseminated by strange looking alien beings. Two or three months later, the fetus is then removed. It is indeed, a traumatic experience. Years after these “terminated pregnancies” by alien beings, many of these same women are shown their children … Read more

Abduction scenarios

The sequence Several scientists and psychologists have been been categorizing all the accounts and trying to find patterns in the testimonies.Thomas Bullard has discovered a consistent structural order to events within abduction reports. There are eight types of events and they are preferentially ordered in this manner:  No abduction has every event, but events avoid … Read more

Protection against abduction

This is the story of a man that has suffered from so called ‘Missing Time’ and  ‘Abduction Trauma’. He moved to New York City. He found office space close to where he lives making time alone in transit quick and easy. He has an apartment on a low floor where his windows face another building … Read more