Men In Black

Men in Black (MIB) are men dressed in black suits who claim to be government agents who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen. It is sometimes implied that they may be aliens themselves. Appearance Early reports of Men in Black often described them as men of short … Read more


Dulce is a sleepy little town in northern New Mexico located above 7,000 feet on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation which population is about 900. There is only one major motel and a few stores. It’s not a resort town and it is not bustling with activity. But, according to a few outsiders, Dulce harbors … Read more

Area 51

Also known as: Dreamland, Groom Lake, S-4, Papoose Lake, The Ranch, Watertown Strip, The Box, Red Square, The Farm, Dreamland, Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3. Area 51 is a secret Air Force base secluded deep within a wide-ranging tract of restricted government land in the remote Nevada desert (37°14’36.52″N, 115°48’41.16″W), about two hours’ … Read more

Underground UFO Bases

 Deep underground military bases (D.U.M.B.S) are alleged co-managed facilities by aliens and government services. While there are military bases worldwide, there are three recognized underground military bases in the United States. The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is a Department of Homeland Security installation. This underground base is where vital government officials go in the … Read more

List of DUMBS

According to conspiracy theories, aliens would hide in secret underground bases jointly operated by our world governements and the visitors. Here is a list of the reported alleged locations of the D.U.M.B.S. Some pretend that there are at least 1400 of these D.U.M.B.S worldwide. 131 in the US.  With 2 underground bases being built per … Read more

The X-Files

The X-Files was a popular television show during the 1990s and early 2000s, which primarily followed the investigations of two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who were sometimes helped by a group of conspiracy theorists known as The Lone Gunmen. The X-Files based the plots of many of its episodes around urban legends … Read more

The Grey Agenda

According to one theory put forward by David Icke, humanity is actually under the control of shape-shifting alien reptiles, who require periodic ingestion of human blood to maintain their human appearance. Reportedly the Bush family and the British Royal Family are actually such creatures, and Diana, Princess of Wales was aware of this, presumably relating … Read more

Government Agencies

To cover-up extra terrestrial contact to the general public would require extensive cooperation between domestic agencies and international governments to maintain such a level of secrecy. This type of secrecy is possible and can be illustrated by the SR-71 spy plane program. The general public found out about the project 30 years after it had … Read more