Crop circles theories

Since the eighteenth century, the world has been fascinated by the nocturnal phenomenon of crop circles – strange, inexplicable patterns appearing in farmer’s fields overnight. Explanations for these occurrences have included everything from cyclonic wind action to alien interference. As yet no conclusive evidence has been found for any of these theories, which have been … Read more

How to make crop circles

Anybody can make a crop circle with simple tools. The only tools you need are rope, boards or metal pipes and a willing crew. Here is a common way of making crop circles. 1. Choose a legal location for your crop circle.Obtain permission from the land owner before you start planning. Ideal choices are sloped … Read more


In 1991 two retired lanscape painters Englishmen, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, proclaimed they were responsible for all the crop circles in England since 1978, starting as a joke to make people think UFOs were landing. They demonstrated their technique for the cameras with a 1.2-metre board attached to a rope they hung around their … Read more

Crop circles history

One of the earliest reports was in Lyon in 815 AD, and a late 16th Century woodcut depicts the devil mowing a field into patterns. They began to appear in significant numbers in the fields of southern England in the mid-1970s. Early circles were quite simple, and simply appeared, overnight, in fields of wheat, rape, … Read more

Crop circles spots

About 10,000 crop circles have been documented worldwide since records began to be kept in the ’70s. England tops the list with around 1,784, followed by the U.S. with 228, Canada with 135, Germany with 105, Australia with 71, the Netherlands with 62, Hungary with 23 and Japan with 19, most of them appearing in … Read more