History of UFO sightings

310,000,000 B.C The first evidence of man was in “Ethiopia, Africa” and “Tanzania”. 18,000 B.C The native “American Indian” civilization begins. 13,300 B.C The Great Pyramid of Egypt 13,600 B.C The Great Flood 8,000 B.C “Aborigine” means “from the beginning”. They believed in “dawn beings” from the stars. Australian aborigine cave drawings found depicting celestial … Read more

UFO sightings classification

It must be remembered that, after careful investigation, over 90% of UFO reports can be reasonably explained as manmade or natural phenomena. The late Charles H. Gibbs-Smith (aviation historian to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London) had something he called Gibbs-Smith’s rule which is worth keeping in mind when studying UFO reports. It states … Read more